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I welcome you all wherever you are and I pray the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ… his love and mercy and compassion will be upon each and every one of you. The Lord Jesus is God and is the only son of the living God. And it is through Him that man can have salvation. Without the Lord we have nothing. It is through the Lord Jesus that we have the life of God flowing in us. So I am excited about today. I want you to be ready, I want you to be encouraged. I pray that you are prepared. I love you all and I thank the Lord Jesus for you all.

Today I’m going to be speaking about a strong spirit. And this is not talking about a demonic spirit. We are talking about man’s spirit. I’m speaking about a strong spirit. Why is it important for you to know what I am going to speak about? Because your disadvantage is always in the things you don’t know.




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Your advantage will always be in the things that you know. Anyone that does not know is already disadvantaged. But anyone that knows is already at an advantage.

So it is the will of God for you to be in the know of the mysteries, the secrets and the things that God has made available for His children. The bible says it like this: “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” Shall not “set” you free but shall “make” you free. To make free and to be free are two different things. To be free is somebody coming to release you. But when you know the truth, the truth shall make you free.

You will be freedom itself. There is a big difference. To be made free and to become freedom, are two different things. You shall know the truth and the truth is the Lord Jesus. “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” This is what our blessed Jesus said. So you shall know the truth and the truth shall MAKE you free. Not set you free, but make you. So you will be made into freedom. What does that mean? Even if a demon wants to get you the demon cannot get you because you cannot bind freedom. If sickness wants to get you, sickness cannot get you because you have become freedom. This is why when you become free, you can make others free because you have become freedom itself. This is why the Lord Jesus said this: “Go into all of the world. Heal the sick. Cleanse the lepers. Raise the dead.” Why was He saying this? He did not say, “pray for them.” He said, “GO! HEAL the sick.” Don’t pray for them! “YOU HEAL THEM. YOU CLEANSE THEM. YOU RAISE THE DEAD.” It is because you have become the embodiment of resurrection, you have become the embodiment of light, you have become the embodiment of life, you have become the embodiment of purity… because Christ is in you! You have become a carrier of those things. You have become a conduit of those things because we are a body of Christ. So this is necessary for you to know this truth. Not in pretense, not in assumption, but knowing the truth as the Lord would want us to know it is very very very important. Glory be to the Lord Jesus. Listen to me and listen to me by the spirit of God. There are humans that are born with a weak spirit and there are humans that are born with a strong spirit. There are men that are born with a strong spirit and there are men that are born with a weak spirit. Let me rephrase it and say it's the way it should be said. There are people who are born with a bruised Spirit and there are people who are born with a spirit that is not bruised. But the right way to say it is a weak spirit and a strong spirit. Because when you are bruised, you’re weak. When you're hurt, you’re weak. I don't care how great a lion can be. If the lion is wounded, it will become weak. Is this making sense? Now, your spiritual capacity does not only depend on your soul's capacity, on your physical body’s capacity, but it also depends on your spiritual capacity before the Holy Spirit steps in. Or even when the Holy Spirit steps in, your capacity must be increased. Not because of His presence, but you must know how to increase your spiritual capacity in His presence. I promise you after we read what we're going to read, you’ll know if you have a weak or strong spirit. Just after a few minutes, you will know if you have a strong spirit or weak spirit.

The management of your spirit is not up to God, it’s up to you. The care of your spirit is not up to God, it is up to you. The responsibility of God is to give you a new spirit. But your maintenance of your inner man is completely on you, it’s not on God. Just like your soul can be affected, your spirit can also be affected. Can somebody hear me? Your heart may not be right but your spirit also has the ability not to be right. That doesn’t mean your spirit has sinned. Even though your spirit also has the capacity to mess up.

I pray that you are able to bear these things. Because if you’re not able to bear this wholly, it’ll affect you. And you’ll not know why you’re being affected, yet you pray. Many of you are praying but you’re praying with a wounded spirit. Many of you are praying and the reason why the anointing cannot be revealed in power, the Holy Spirit cannot show up in power, is because many of you are operating with a broken spirit.

1 Thessalonians 5:23 - And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord.

So there is a preservation of your spirit, your soul, and your body, until the coming of God. Anything that has the capacity to be preserved has the capacity to be spoiled. Anything that can be preserved, has the capacity to be spoiled. You know language has meaning, right? And if you lose the meaning of something you lose the power of something. Many of you, your body may be preserved… you’re going to the gym, you’re working out… your soul may be getting some level of preservation because you’re reading the word of God, you’re in church… you’re praying. But your inner man may be wounded and not preserved.

Let me show you what I’m saying to be true before we go deep into this.

Psalm 51:10 - Create in me a clean heart oh God and renew a right spirit within me.

So your spirit can be corrupted. David is praying before God. He’s saying, “create in me a clean heart, give me a good soul… my soul is bad but also renew a right spirit within me.” If something can be renewed, it means that it can become old. It can become wounded.

How do you know that your spirit needs to be renewed?

If you can live in sin and be comfortable, your spirit has been defiled. If you see sin and it doesn’t agitate you, it doesn’t shake you, it doesn’t make you uncomfortable, your spirit is corrupted! Your spirit needs renewing. If you can curse, insult, say whatever that is unclean without your conscious being alarmed, you’re just fine with it and you don’t care, you just choose where to say it and where not to say it… your spirit needs renewing! Because if your spirit is right, your spirit bears witness with the Spirit of God that you are children of God.

If your spirit cannot tell you you’re a child of God, you can’t talk like this, your spirit is corrupted!

Somebody will hate me but I’m telling you the truth. When your spirit has been preserved, if your spirit has been renewed, you don’t even try to get away from sin, you just don’t like sin anymore. Because a pure spirit cannot mix with sin. Let me show you that this is possible.

Satan was a spirit. He was a pure, holy angel, in Heaven. And he had the capacity to corrupt himself. What makes you think that you, also being a spirit, a soul, and a body.. you don't have the ability to corrupt your spirit? Why would David not just pray for a clean heart? “Lord, I have sinned, cleanse my heart, give me a new heart.” David went further! He said, “create, renew a right Spirit!” It means your spirit can want the wrong thing. Because once something is corrupted it no longer desires clean things.

This is why in Thessolonians it’s saying, “May God preserve you holy and cleanse you, purify you, and preserve you wholly.” Wholly, like in full! In your completeness. Your spirit, your soul, and your body… blameless! Because your spirit can also be corrupted. How can you be a Christian in church, “shanda babababa (*speaking in tongues*) God is good,” but you're jealous of your neighbor. You’re planning evil with your neighbor. You want to see yourself succeed and not your neighbors. And you don't have anything in you that says, “this is wrong.” Your spirit is wrong within you. If you can backbit and not care about the consequences.

Your spirit man makes you aware of God. When David killed his friend and he took his wife, he acted like God could see him but he hid the fact from men. He put him in front of the line so that he could die. The man (his friend) went to the war and died. And then he took his wife in the back and was just like, “ohhh… casualty of war.” But God could see everything. People could not see it. He hid it from man but God can see. If you can sin and don't have the consciousness that God is watching me, your spirit has been corrupted. Because your spirit should make you aware of God. If you can have secret sin, if you can have secret that, secret this… God is watching you! But your inability to know that God is watching you, shows that your spirit is corrupted. Think about this: Satan is in heaven and he's thinking evil concerning God. Satan is in heaven. Satan is in heaven. In heaven. A holy place thinking evil against God. Thinking that God doesn't know his thoughts. You see, the moment your spirit is affected, you’re disconnected from the realities of God. Not realities of the Spirit, but realities of God. You think about it: when somebody joins the occult or demonic covens, they don't think about eternal damnation. They can't even think that they will end up in the fire, even though this is a fact. It is not a reality to them. It is not because they are deceived, it is because their Spirit has been corrupted. It has no capacity to perceive God anymore. May God renew a right Spirit within you and within me. This is why some ministers will take advantage of the flock. This is why brothers and sisters can take advantage of each other and sleep comfortably without anything. Without the consciousness of, “I cheated, I stole from somebody.” Do you know why? There’s something wrong with your spirit. The Bible already says, “the heart is deceitful above all things.” It’s obvious for your soul to have defects. But who corrects your soul? It is your spirit.

How do you know that your spirit is defiled?

When the voice of your consciousness is dead. Some of you, you have done so much wrong. “Stop. That’s not right. That’s not right. That’s not right.” That voice starts getting faint. Before you know it, that voice no longer speaks… it has been wounded. If you can grieve the Holy Spirit, you can grieve the spirit within you. You can do the things your spirit doesn't want to the point your spirit is affected. There are certain things… when I'm serving God, when I'm doing what God wants me to do, or in my environment that I don't allow… because it quenches my spirit. It agitates my spirit. Those who are always around me they know this. There are certain things you cannot have around me because if you do you're going to make me upset.

And it will not be anger from my flesh, it will be anger from my spirit. There are certain things, if you do, you cannot be around me. This is why many times true prophets are loners. Prophets don’t have friends. Prophets don't hang out. True Prophets. It’s them and their family. And their family includes spiritual children. But specific. Not all. Because anyone that doesn't have a fear of God is a danger to be around you because they can be affected. Not me, I'll be affected. They will be affected. Yeah…

Proverbs 18:14. This one is about to be sweet. The spirit of man will sustain his infirmity but a wounded Spirit, who can bear?

Do you know why you break when things don't go your way? It’s because you have a broken spirit and you can't bear anything! You have no ability to persevere. When things got difficult, you quit. You stop trusting God. You have a broken spirit!

You know the thing that I observed in believers is that we have this Band-Aid idea: The Holy Spirit will do this, God will do this, God will do that. Let me tell you something, when Satan tempted the Lord Jesus in the wilderness he tested his spirit, he tested his soul, and he tested his flesh. When you tested him with bread he was testing his flesh. When he told him to bow down and he would give him all the riches of the earth… riches satisfy your soul! “You don't need to go and die on the cross, just bow before me and I will give you all these kingdoms that were given unto me. He tested his soul. Because every man's heart is to avoid hardship. We want to work hard but comfortably. We don't want to work hard and not have anything. We don't want to work hard without any guarantees. It affects you! He tested his soul. “You shall only bow to God.” He didn't want any shortcut because inside of his soul there was no quit. Then he went further and tested his Spirit. How much do you trust in the word of God that says “His angels will protect you, will keep you…?” And he took him to a high temple and told him to jump! He tested His Spirit. When things are hard, you don’t believe you’re a child of God. That’s why he told Him, “if you are the son of God, “turn this stone into bread.” Because when you're suffering, you are hungry. The first question is, “am I really your child?”

Remember what David said: “I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children beg for bread.” Here is Jesus hungry, looking at stones contemplating. “If it was just bread…” then the Devil comes and says, “You are not really His son! If you are his son, then what David said should come to pass for you!” “I have never seen the righteous forsaken and their children beg for bread.” God just said you’re His beloved Son! It is dangerous when you have quit inside of you. When you quit when things get difficult, it is because you have a broken spirit. Haven’t you ever noticed when people are in the hospital, those who have the will to live, they don't die. The moment somebody says, “I am tired,” it won't take long; they will die. My brother Christian fought for a long time! The day he looked at me, he cried and looked at me and said, “Lovy, I am tired.” I knew it won't be long, he's going to go home. His Spirit gave up. He said, “nah.” He told me, “Lovy, I'm tired. Let me go and rest.” He fought for years. 7 years. And before he told me that, God to me, “I am about to take your brother. Let him come and rest.” And he had peace about it. He said, “Listen, I am tired of all this.” Immediately I knew it wouldn't take.

You see, when you have a strong spirit you are unkillable. Do you know why God told Moses, “go on the mountain and die?” It’s because God could not take Moses’ spirit. Moses had to decide to die. His spirit was too strong. So God is negotiating with him telling him, “Listen my friend, I don't want you to go into the promised land. I can take your spirit but because of your status just go and give it up.” Do you know that Jesus was not killed? The Bible says, “Jesus gave up his ghost.” He gave it up. He said, “Father, in Your hands I commit my Spirit.” He took His Spirit and put it in His Father's hand and then died.

Your spirit should be able to carry your infirmities. When things are difficult, even though your soul is weak, your body may be weak… but inside of you there should be a strength that says, “Trust in the Lord! Tomorrow will be better than today. The struggle of today will not compare to tomorrow's glories.” Then you’re strengthened again because the strength of man comes from his spirit. This is why you can come to church, you’re encouraged but when you go out you’re weak. It’s because your spirit wasn't touched. The word of God only went to your soul, it never went to your spirit. And people with broken spirits have no ability to engage with God. In church people be singing and worshipping, they’ll be sitting and watching. People will be lifting their hands crying to God, they’ll be just watching. They’ll go on Instagram, they’ll go on Facebook, they’ll go on Tik Tok, they’ll be on YouTube. While the teaching is going on, they will be reading their own things. But they came to church in order to receive. To receive in their Spirit, to receive their soul, and to receive in their body but they don't receive anything. In their mind they were in church, but when a storm hits, they will crash.

Remember the lepers that came to Jesus, our precious Lord? They came to Him. They came to the Lord Jesus because they were sick. But the others had no intention of following Jesus. They just wanted to be healed. They did not want to give their life to the Lord Jesus. They did not want to commit to the Lord Jesus. They did not want Heaven, they just wanted to be well. So they came to Jesus and Jesus said, “Go, you have been made clean.” But they did not see the miracle on their body. They started walking for days. It was a week to travel to where Jesus was. If I can remember correctly. When they went back, it was about a week if I’m not wrong. When they got to their destination, they realized they'd been healed. One of them said, “no, I need to go back and say thank you!” The others were like, “you go man, we got what we wanted!”

The one that went back, he fell on his knees and said, “Lord, thank you.” Jesus looked at him and said, “where are the rest?” And the Bible says, “and the Lord made him whole.” Do you know what it means to be made whole? It means in your spirit, in your soul, and in your body.

If your spirit is not made whole, you're not whole. If your soul and body are good but your spirit is not good, you're not whole. If your body is good but your spirit is broken, your soul is broken, you're not made whole. This is why the scripture says it like this: “Jesus came so that you may have life and life in abundance.” The life of God always flows from the Holy Spirit, into your spirit, out of your spirit, into your soul, from your soul, to your body. You are not called by God to only have scripture or the ways of God in the mind. God wanted this law to be written within your heart and also in your spirit. You see, when something is inside of your spirit it is a natural reaction. You just do it. When something is only in your soul and not in your spirit, you struggle to do it because your entire being is not aligned to carry out the will of God.

Are you listening to what I'm saying? Do you know why you struggle to pray? It’s because your soul and your spirit are not together. So your spirit is pulling you, “let's go and have some time of prayer.” But your soul is saying, “no let's just watch this Netflix show and then after that we will pray.” Immediately you realize that the spirit and the soul, they are fighting. The soul doesn't want to be subject to the Spirit but the Spirit wants you to pray. If you continue that you realize you don't even think about prlaying anymore. And the day calamity comes you want to pray, you find that you can't even pray. You start looking for, “Where's the prophet to pray for me? Where is so and so to pray for me? Where is so and so to anoint me?” No, you have broken your spirit! Let me show you something. Oh Lord Jesus, help us! Oh Lord Jesus, help us!

You see, the of God is like a double-edged sword dividing between soul and spirit. Dividing between Soul and Spirit. So you being in the word of God, you should know the distinction between your soul and your spirit. Because the spirit of God, the word of God, is supposed to impact your entire being. Many have made “walking with God” about how much money you have in the bank, how good you look. The Bible says: “Do not fight for only adorning your outside man.” Work on adorning your inner man first.

If your inner man is well-dressed, your entire being will be well-dressed. You see, sometimes people are confused. They will look at me: “Oh, look at how the Prophet looks! Oh, look at how he dresses. He’s like this, he’s like that.” I can cast out demons, you can't. I can prophesy and hear God, you can't. By the grace of God I can heal the sick, you can't. But you're supposed to be the right one, but you can't. My spirit is stronger than yours. So because God has helped my spirit to be strong, the manifestation of the Holy Spirit is also strong. You are a reflection of your inner man. I’ll say it one more time: You are a reflection of your inner man! Everything about you outside is revealing your inner man’s condition. “I've been born again, 50 years, filled with the Holy Spirit!” What is the outcome? “And these signs shall follow them!” If there is no signal of a changed inner man, your outside life can’t change.

Isaiah 40:31 - “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.”

Remember, the strength of man is from his Spirit. That's what helps you to bear. That's why the Bible says: “And the spirit helps our infirmities.” Now, do you understand that scripture better? “And the Spirit helps our infirmities through prayer with Words that cannot be uttered.” So now the Bible is telling you: “The spirit of man will sustain the infirmities of a man but a broken Spirit, who can bear it?” You see, when people take their own lives because they lost a job and they can't bear it to the point they would take their life, it is sad. It is very sad. In the old house where we started the the work of God, our neighbor took his own life because he could not get a handle. And he was an attorney, he was doing well in life but he could not get certain things under control. He could not bear it so he ended himself. That's what happens when your spirit is broken. You cannot bear life anymore. Because to be alive is to be in pain. Do you know that? To be alive is to be in pain. The evidence of life is pain. When you are born the first thing the doctor does is smacks you to make sure you cry. The first breath a baby takes, it's painful. That's why babies cry because it's their first time, their lungs actually expand. Because the whole time you are not really technically using them, you’re underwater. Now your lungs open… pain! I remember my son Andrew when he was growing tall… “ahh, my knees hurt.” Growing pains! When a baby is teething – pain!

Now, let me explain this: You can be very strong but if your strength is not renewed, if you don't rest, you can only sustain power for a long time. I’ll give you an example: I do mixed martial arts, I love training muay thai. My ability to sustain my strength is based on the work that I do in conditioning. It is my conditioning that ensures that I can sustain my strength. So the more I work on my cardio, when I run, when I work with my strength and conditioning coach… What I am doing is increasing my capacity to maintain power! It doesn't matter if I hit so hard but if my conditioning will only allow me to throw one punch and then I am weak, the devil will destroy me. This is why in all sports, the main thing people do is conditioning. You’re a basketball player, there is basketball conditioning. Volleyball player, there is conditioning. Swimming, there is conditioning! Even those who run track there is conditioning because part of the ability to maintain your sprints to go fast, your body needs to be conditioned to maintain the power it takes to go faster! A strong punch is good but what if your enemy can take it and that's all you could throw? You're done. Is somebody catching what I'm trying to say here? Those who wait upon the Lord he shall renew, what? Their strength!

So there is a place whereby your strength will be renewed based on your capacity. To renew strength and to be strengthened are two different things. To renew strength is to be refreshed in order for you to be able to exhibit the strength that you carry. To be strengthened is that most strength is added to you. So with your spirit, you need both. Your strength to be renewed and for you also to be strengthened. Let's read this so that people don't think I'm making this up! I don't want any doubts. I want you to really receive this so that you can really do everything that God wants you to do. Thank you Lord Jesus. Thank you Lord Jesus.

Mathew 4:10 - Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve. Then the devil leaveth him, and, behold, angels came and ministered unto him.

The word “Minister” there is: They came and strengthened him! Remember when Jesus was about to go to the Cross? The reason why the Lord Jesus prayed and said, “Lord, if it is your will let this cup of suffering pass but let it not be my will let it be your will!” The Bible says this: “And the angels of God came and strengthened him.” He needed another level of strength to be able to bear the journey of the cross. Bodily, we know Jesus could not carry the cross for a long time. A man called Simon came and helped him to carry the cross. An African man! Because it was too heavy for him. An African man was summoned: “You, come and help Him!” And he helped Jesus carry the cross.

So you realize physically, Jesus was weak. Inside, Jesus embraced the cross. He was ready for the cross. Because the strength he received was not physical, it was spiritual. So the spiritual strength allowed him to bear the nailing, the weeping, the insulting. Some of you, if somebody says, “look at you, loser!” “Me, I'm not a loser…” You get agitated. Ahhh…. your spirit is broken! Because you have no capacity to calm yourself down.

Luke 22:42-43 Saying, Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done. And there appeared an angel unto him from heaven, strengthening him.

Strengthening Him. Increasing His strength within the inner man. The Bible says it like this in Luke 4:1: “Jesus left the wilderness in the POWER of the spirit because He was strengthened!” When he fasted, He was weak. That's why the devil could come to Him. The moment the devil left, He was strengthened! His capacity increased that he did great signs and wonders that the whole nation knew about Him. So your spirit to renew its strength and to be strengthened are two different things. Notice: Jesus never prayed for a renewed spirit. He only needed the spirit to be strengthened. So before your spirit can be strengthened, it must be renewed. When it is renewed, the level you maintain… Now, if God sends his angels or the spirit of God comes, you can be strengthened beyond where you are.

When I started the ministry, when God sent me to minister, sometimes it would take me 4 hours praying for one person's demon to leave. There are demons that were easy. Some took 4 hours! I'd be praying for people from 7:30 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. is when people are leaving. My strength was increased. Now demons can't even last 2 minutes with me.

Remember Samson prayed and God strengthened him? His hair grew back but his capacity was not good enough for where he was. God needed to restrengthen him. Samson was strengthened again and when he was strengthened, his strength came back. But now he had enough strength to pull down a whole coliseum. To renew your spirit and to be strengthened in the spirit are two different things. I'm going to give you one more. This one is going to offend people but I don't care, it's the word of God:

Proverbs 17:27 - He that hath knowledge spareth his words: and a man of understanding is of an excellent spirit.

So your ability to understand is also based on your spirit. Haven’t you ever met people that have been in church for so long… you read the word of God they can't understand. They can't understand anything about life, they keep doing the same thing. Your spirit is broken. Your spirit is wounded. Your Capacity to understand is not there. You read the word of God you misunderstand. Yet you have a degree in Theology. You know nothing about spiritual life.

Timothy 1:7 - “For God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

So fear is a sign you’re broken. Fear of the dark, fear of the future, fear of this, fear of that… fear fear fear fear! Something is wrong with your spirit. That’s why it’s saying, “God has not given us the spirit of fear.” Notice, the word “spirit” starts with a small “s.”

Notice, your sound mind is an effect of your spirit. If you have no love, your spirit is broken. That’s why I said, if you can can backbite and do things against people and you don’t feel anything, you are broken.

Psalms 46:10 - Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the Heathen. I will be exalted in the Earth.

Have you ever met people that have no stillness? One minute Buddha, next minute this, next minute crystals, next minute this, next minute that! Something is wrong with your spirit. You have no stillness. You see, demons are not still. They are always moving around. Somebody with a demon has no peace. They lack stillness, they can’t just be calm. To be still that you can be calm before God, you can be calm before storms… it shows your inner man is good.

Philippians 4:13 - I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.

Now you will know what this verse means. So if your spirit is broken, how can He strengthen you? People quote this to be bold but that's not what the scripture is talking about. Jesus strengthens the inner man of the inner man can be strengthened. Some of you need a renewing, then strengthening. Some of you think that you can just, “Yeah, I can do all things through Christ!” What is the condition of your spirit?

I think that’s good for today. I want you to go to, come back and then I’ll teach you how to build up the inner man and then we shall be done.

God bless you all, again. Thank you for all those who are giving and supporting the work of God. I want to help you guys with one thing: Whenever you give, make sure you go to the website or you look at the details on the screen. I got some emails that I think JT and them showed me that there's a lot of fake like cash apps and venmo's of people that just made. One family sent me a message that they’ve given like I don't know, thousands of dollars to the wrong account. That is why I always encourage you: go to the website ( or go to the church's website ( so that you can give to God. It's very very important that you follow that or else you're giving some evil people money that will not help in the Kingdom or the advancement of the kingdom of God.

I'm going to read something for you to help you:

Psalm 51:17 - The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.

What did this mean? This doesn't mean that if situations beat you up, you have a broken spirit, that God will accept. No! You see, David was a man that walked with God but he forgot to be humble before God. God opposes the proud. During this time he was repenting because of the sin that he had committed. So he knew that by humbling myself before God, God cannot reject him. You see, many of you need to learn this when you go before God and you say, “Lord I have failed. I did this and this. You see it all.” You have broken yourself before Him. You have allowed Him to put you back together. You have said, “Lord, I'm not hiding anything. You see anything, everything, anyway.” The Bible says this about Jesus: “He took upon himself the form of a servant. He was made of no reputation.” When you break yourself, you break yourself by humility. When you saw Jesus, He always said: “My Father, my Father, my Father…” He never spoke about Himself. Yet Him and the Father are one. He always made it about the Father.

Break yourself before God, don't allow situations or life to break you. That doesn't mean you're broken, that means you’re bruised. Jesus chose to be broken on the cross of his own accord so that the Father can receive Him as a living sacrifice. You being beaten by demons doesn't mean you are a sacrifice. Is this making sense?

I'll give you one step very quickly: Learn to maintain the presence of God. This is something that people are not taught and I don't know why but maybe some people don't have this dimension. Whenever you are in the presence of God and you feel the presence of God, be alert and aware to maintain that presence. Because it is in that time that your spirit man is being renewed. Those who remain, those who wait… the word “wait” there is “remain.” Those who wait upon the Lord, those who remain with the Lord; the word “wait” there is old English, meaning to “remain.” When I pray, I will be praying… “Oh, Father I thank you…” and I get into tongues, maybe. And then I feel the SURGE of the anointing of God. I will maintain those tongues as long as I can so that presence doesn’t depart from me. Because it is within that presence, my ability to maintain that presence, strengthens the inner guy. The problem is you guys will feel the presence, you will stop. The moment you stop, you disconnected. It is in the time that POWER is being transferred, that now you're connected. You don't let go. That is why Jesus told them, “tarry in Jerusalem until the promise of the Father has come. When the promise came they were holding on. They came together in one accord, they did not stop until heaven was open and Father sent the Holy Spirit. They were changed forever! The bible says, “Peter became bold!” They could speak with no fear because their inner man was strengthened. Remember they were men in hiding afraid to be killed. When the Holy Ghost came they were like, “ahhh… where is death?”

Pray until the presence comes. When the presence comes, maintain it. It is like lifting weights. When it begins to burn, you don’t stop. That’s when you push harder. That is when prayer matters, not just when you speak.

The presence of God and the Spirit of God are two different experiences. Let me say that again because I saw somebody saying, “the Lord Jesus sent His Spirit and the Spirit will never leave us.” Jesus said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” He did not say the Holy Spirit will not. There’s no scripture like that. That is why David said, “do not take your Spirit from me.” The Bible says, “do not offend the Holy Spirit.” Because you can offend the Holy Spirit. Mhmm…

Don’t confuse the two. The person of the Lord Jesus is the person of Salvation. He said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

There are a lot of Christians who are born but the manifestation of the Spirit is not there. And I know men of God that were so mighty in the works of God. And because of certain things they did, those manifestations are no longer with them. Is it not true? Have you not seen it? People who are healing the sick and casting out devils. All of a sudden they can’t do it anymore. Jesus hasn’t left them, they’re going to make heaven, but there’s a disconnect with the Holy Spirit.

Two different subjects. Jesus said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” He did not say, “my Spirit.” Why is Jesus warning you? Don't offend the Holy Spirit! Don't sin against the Holy Spirit! If you sin against Him, you are in danger of damnation. Anybody that is going to hell, does he have the Holy Spirit? You know we have to use our mind and think. Let's not just assume what God is saying and what He is not saying. The Lord Jesus will never leave us nor forsake us. Even in our errors, He will lift us up. The Holy Spirit will be with you, will be with you. If you keep doing wrong, he will pull back. It is a great sign of love. You see, many times people confuse the manifestation of a gift and the presence of the Holy Spirit. Two different things.

And the presence of God himself is different. If you read through scripture, when Moses experienced the glory of God, which is the cloud of God, the presence of God… it was different from the spirit of God. When Jesus was praying and the cloud of glory came down… It doesn't say the Spirit of God came down. it said, “the cloud of glory came down.” And we know the cloud is the presence of God. It is the presence of God that is tangible. These are different experiences. They are not the same thing. Completely different! I'm a spiritual man, this is my dimension, I know what I'm telling you. I am not guessing this is my experience. Not just by theology, even though I can show you in the scriptures. This is not what you're thinking!

There's a lot of people in churches today, the Holy Spirit is there. No people are being healed, no demons are being cast out. Why? Jesus said, “if I cast out demons, I cast them out by the Spirit of God.” So the churches are singing, “Hallelujah… oh I feel the presence!” No demon is being cast out. It means their realm of maintaining the Holy Spirit is not what you think.

The Bible says it like this: “Now the Lord is that Spirit. And where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” If the Holy Spirit is present, demons cannot be in that place. Impossible! This is not to me, the Bible says it. Is somebody getting what I'm saying? It is not the same experience. Not at all. This is why people who speak in tongues and do this and that, when they meet somebody with a powerful manifestation of God they get confused. They start thinking, “maybe they're doing witchcraft, maybe they’re doing this…” No, no, no… you are just seeing a dimension you have never seen! It's okay! God has given us different dimensions so that we can learn from others so that we can grow. No man is an island. There are things I don’t know that I've learned from other prophets, I’ve learned from other men of God. I always say this about a man of God that I love so much: I always say that he has such a Grace to evangelize and go out and I don't know how to do that. I am not a great evangelist, I want to learn. He's my friend, he’ll teach me. “Okay when you're out winning souls, you do that…” I know how to stand, to prophesy, cast out devils, to heal… that is something I know. That one part, I don’t know. I can’t say I know. So I need my brother to pray for me. I need my brother to teach me so that I can be strong in that. That's how this thing works. That's how this thing works. The issue with Christians is you think you know everything and it doesn't work like that. The kingdom of God is full of mysteries. The kingdom of God is full of mysteries. I'll give you an example: There is the ability to deliver people that is solely based on your relationship with the Holy Spirit and there are people who have been gifted in Deliverance. Two different dimensions. Listen to me: two different dimensions! This person will just stand and say, “every evil spirit, in the mighty name of Jesus, come out!” Depending on the room of people that are in there, hundreds of people will manifest that you didn’t even know that have devils. But there are other people that will lay hands on people, touch people, and then a demon will manifest. It’s because the dimensions are different. They are not the same.

This past week we were in Washington DC. I went to a service, I taught them and I told them, “Tonight in the evening I want God to visit us mightily and that's what the Lord is telling me. He’s going to visit us in a tremendous way. Prepare yourself, He’s here.” I prayed for 30 seconds and more than 70% of the church manifested. 70. It was sad, but it was also joyful because now the the house of God is free. People can actually serve God in the way they want. I know men of God that will tell people to renounce and denounce, which is good, which is perfect, which should be done. There are other people that just say, “In the name of Jesus, every spirit that is here, I command you…” Without even the person renouncing their witchcraft or whatever… they are delivered, then they say, “I used to be a witch, please give me Jesus.” The power of God is in realms and is in dimensions. We don't know it all. Anybody who says they know it all is a liar.

The presence of God, the spirit of God… two different experiences! When we talk about the presence of God, we are talking about the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit coming together. That is why it's called “the presence of God.” Remember God is one. But when we talk about the presence of the Holy Spirit, even though within the Holy Spirit, the Father and the Son are, but the Highlight is on the Holy Spirit. And the operations of the Holy Spirit are different from the operation of the Lord Jesus. Even though Jesus is God and in him dwells the fullness of the Godhead, when you experience the Lord Jesus is different from experiencing the Holy Spirit. When you experience the Father, it is different from experiencing the Son and the Holy Spirit. When you experience them all together, now you are experiencing God in His fullness. That is what we call the presence of God. This is why God was so shocked that Aaron could speak against Moses with their sister, I think Miriam, right? They could speak against Moses. God came down and said, “Listen, if there be a Prophet among you, I will speak to them in visions and dreams.” God is putting a distinction between Moses, who is a Prophet and Miriam and Aaron who have received the prophetic. I will reveal myself. I’ll make myself known to them, in visions and in dreams. But not so with my servant Moses. He’s faithful in all my house. It means your faithfulness determines your dimension. He’s faithful in all my house. With him I will speak face to face, mouth to mouth. Even the appearance of God shall he see.

Are you not afraid of talking about my servant Moses? Moses was in a dimension that was not the regular one. Are you getting what I'm saying? These are different experiences. Some of these things we will learn when we meet Moses in heaven. Moses, how did you do it? Elijah, how did you do it? You notice Ezekiel saying, “the Spirit of the Lord took me… the hand of the Lord took me.” Another one is saying, “and the Lord spoke to me.” Different. Same God. Are you getting what I'm saying? Same God. Same God, different manifestations.

This is why as children of God humility is the master key. Humility. Humility. Humility is key. Try to maintain that. Now somebody says, “separate the New Covenant from the Old Covenant.” You see, this is the problem of Christians. There’s no separating the two. Jesus came to fulfill it. Do you know what it means to fulfill it? To fulfill means that both of them, now they’ve come to their end.

Why do you repent of sin? Weren’t people repenting in the Old Testiment? Why are you still repenting in the New Testament if the Old Testament is gone? You know people think baptism is a new testament thing. No! This thing was done in the Old Testament but it was only for the priests. When Moses ordained the priests, he did that. When John the Baptist came and he was cleansing people, it was normal. That's why the Pharisees never fought them. Even casting out demons was not a new thing. Jesus attests to it. He says, “if you say I am casting out the Devil by Belzebub, then whom do your sons cast the devil out with?” It means exorcism wasn't a new thing. Study the word of God! Don't use what you want to pick. “Okay, I will choose this one, and then I will not do this one.” Why do you still keep the 10 commandments? Why do you not lie? I thought that Old Testament is done? Why is killing wrong? What if you steal, you say, “oh Lord forgive me I stole, it wasn't right.” Why are you repenting? The Old Testament is gone.

The application of the same thing is different because of Grace. That is the point of the New Testament. Is that Jesus paid the price for the same things that will take so much to do in the Old Testament, Grace has simplified it so that we can fulfill it. The law is still there but if you receive Christ, you're dead to the law. So now if you sin, you can repent and you avoid the penalty of bulls and goats. But repentance is still there, but now you're only using the blood of Jesus. Not goats and bulls. Nothing changed, it’s the application! Guys, it is crazy!

Anyway, may the Lord Jesus bless you! May the Lord Jesus give you Grace to walk after Him, to chase after Him. May your spirit be renewed and strengthened unto the glory of the living God that your lives will never be the same. In the mighty name of the living Jesus, amen. Listen, I love you! Tomorrow is prophetic service. I will see you then. May the Lord keep you and watch over you, amen.

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