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What is the difference between a change and a shift?

Changes lead to a shift. A shift cannot happen without changes.

1 Cor. 6:17 - But he who is joined unto the Lord, is one spirit.

  • There is a level you get to, where you and the Holy Spirit are not distinct. What produces a shift is getting to that place where you are joined.

Many of us desire for God to do things in our lives without working on changes that bring forth a shift. So many people believe in quick fixes. If we don't work on the changes God requires us to comply with, we've immediately disqualified ourselves to be candidates of a shift. Ask yourself:

  • Is my Christian life complete with changes, day by day? Am I improving in the sight of God? In my understanding, in my walk, in my desire... in the things that I do?

  • Am I becoming a better representative of Jesus?

Not by pretending or acting like I am changed, but because it's a definite fact. It's something that I know: that what I used to be, how I used to think, and what I am today are completely polar opposites!

Human beings tend to adjust to changes when they're forced to change. The children of Israel remained bound and suffered continually, simply because they refused to change.

Many are suffering with a lot of things, not because God is not able...

But God cannot shift somebody that is not changing. Some of you, God cannot upgrade you because you're consistently sinning against yourself.

Did you know:

You can sin against others, you can sin against God, and you can ALSO sin against yourself.

You have to understand:

  • You can't give someone millions who can't manage $10.

  • God can't give you properties, if you can't manage an apartment.

  • God cannot give you those who serve you unless you know how to serve.

  • God can never increase you until you learn to multiply.

  • God cannot establish you until you are consistent.

You can only measure a demonic interference when you're working on change faithfully and consistently and the shift is not coming... that's when you know there is a spirit fighting you! But there are people not working on any kind of change, any kind of improvement, but they believe things should just change and shift.

But God is looking at you and saying, "Aye, you are not changing. You have not even been joined to me as one spirit! How can I even lift you up to another realm?"

Ex: Let's Look at Joseph...

He did not just have a shifted life. Joseph was trained by his father for what was to come. He was taught in the ways of God. When he was betrayed and forced into becoming a slave, he knew how to serve and pray. When accused and thrown into jail, he knew a shift was coming. He remained faithfully into the call of God. Then the moment he was ready, his life shifted... because he was ready!

  • A person who is working on change: Allowing the Holy Spirit to mold and shape them, they are not surprised when a shift comes. They are always aware the a shift. But to those who don't know their story, where they came from, they are surprised! They wonder, "wow, did you just shift like that? How did this happen?"

It did not just happen. There was consistent work that was in the background in the presence of God. On the person's knees, in their praying and fasting so they can be elevated.


Before you tap into the realm of change, you need to know what sin is, and what kinds of sins we have. The issue isn't that there's a greater sin than the other. The issue is that you may be sinning against something you don't know. Some of you have sinned against God. Some have against your brother, your sister, your parents... and some of you have sinned against yourselves! You have sinned against your own body.

Question: Did Adam sin against his spirit or against his own body?

When Adam ate the fruit, he sinned against himself, not against God. God told him that the day he eats the fruit, he’ll die. Not that God will punish Adam, or do anything to him... he will die himself, the day he eats of the fruit!

The sin against God was that now because of them sinning against their own body, there's an imbalance spiritually. They started to be governed by the body, which they subjected to something else. Immediately they no longer had control of their spiritual life. So murder and things that now offended God came in. The original sin was not against God, it was against man. Because Adam had no capacity of offending God. That is why when they ate the fruit, they began to see things differently. That's why we struggle with the ability to see ourselves the way God sees us. Because from the day we were born, we were sinning against ourselves and also God.

Ex: The Prodigal Son

When he came back home, he said, "Father, I've sinned against you and against God." The original sin was that he sinned against himself and threw away what his Father had. What he asked for was not a sin/crime. But what he went to do offended his father and also God.

What is causing you to remain in the place right now, is not a demon. A demon is simply taking advantage of you. He knows he can keep you subject to sinning against your body.

When you’re not diligent in taking care of yourself, you’re sinning against yourself. That's why you're not moving forward.

The devil observes your life in order to know how to attack you.

Ex: the wilderness w/ Jesus.

Don't invest in prayer just to throw away. Change is not just a matter of prayer, it's a matter of decision. Anyone that has not decided, cannot change! Anything that lacks a fervent, precise decision is a wish. The Lord is calling you out of a life of “I wish” and “I pray.”

What are you doing to prepare yourself for a shift?

Are you preparing for the rapture? It will be a dramatic shift!

Prepare yourself consistently, everyday, by becoming one with God.

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