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Tonight I want to speak about obsession. Obsession. Obsession. Obsession, obsession, obsession. Especially for children of God, in the church there is a lot of obsession.

When you’re overly obsessed, you cannot let go of things so that God can do His will. So there are a lot of people who are praying but their prayer is not fruitful because you’re still in the realm of obsession. You’re obsessed and when you’re obsessed, you become possessive.

So anyone that is obsessed with a certain outcome, will become possessive of certain things. Now, whenever we are walking with God, whenever we want something from God, that is completely the wrong posture and position to be in. Whenever we develop obsessions, the next thing will come is being possessive.

There are people who are obsessed with certain results in prayer. “Lord I want this, I’m believing you for this, I’m believing you for this…” That you’re so obsessed with what you want and so possessive of that thing, yet what you’re asking for may not be what God wants for you. And when we become obsessed with something or someone, even our prayer will be blurred. You see, when we want something so bad to the point that we cannot hear from God to lead us in how to get it, our position becomes that even God’s way of doing things, we’re not going to do it. We will be so possessive of that thing we will try to help God do it. There are so many believers right now watching me, you’re trying to help God. And if you’re trying to help God, God will step away.

Whenever somebody is obsessed, you cannot hear from God anymore because you love what you’re asking God for more than God. This is the danger of obsession because our satisfaction must not come from what we’re asking God for. Our fulfillment and our satisfaction must be from the God who gives those things. Those things will enhance our joy. They will help us. They will make us be in a certain level of ecstasy, we will enjoy having those things. But our obsession must only be with God and His ways. When you’re obsessed about a certain outcome, you will look for any man of God that will give you that thing… you will not look for Jesus that will give you those things.

Let me give you an example. Today I was on tik tok and I don’t know why it keeps bringing up certain people, I guess it’s because of what I’m posting, right? And there was this young lady that came on. She was reading a scripture to this person who had called telling her to give a certain seed… so she was reading Mathew, “beware of false prophets and this and this and that…” So I was like, okay… let me hear what she’s saying.

She was like, “Well a certain person had reached me on IG, and I’ve made such amazing connections on IG. And this person contacted me on IG and I gave him a chance. He was talking about God, he was a man of God, he introduced me to other men of God. But when he started sending me teachings from, he was just a false prophet because the Holy Spirit told me. The Holy Spirit told me because it just didn’t add up and it didn’t feel right. “

Ok… so I’m listening and she said, “when this guy started telling me to give is when God told me this is false.”

I said, “wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. You had to hear ‘give’ to know something is false. No, maybe you’re the one who is false!”

You see, discernment is the voice of God that will alert you of danger without you having to encounter it. If you have to see something bad to say, “okay this is not for me…” You never heard from God. You used logic to see it.

So a lot of people are calling people false because of how they feel. No, you are the false one! Why is it until they ask you for what is in your pocket that you are now like, “they’re false!”

Everything they did they were okay. Now when they ask you, they’re false. Why? Because you don’t want to give up what you love the most. Because you’re obsessed.

And then they’ll blame everyone else for being false. But they were following these people religiously, until they say, “give to God.”

I’m not saying the person who was saying, “give” was false or not. I don’t know. But all I’m saying is that, if you truly have the spirit of discernment…

You know people think discernment is a logic thing. It’s not a brain thing. Discernment is not a logic thing. It’s called THE SPIRIT of DISCERNMENT. It means it’s a spirit.

It’s spirit consciousness, it’s not mental consciousness! Get that out of you!

The reason many of you cannot be discerning, is because you think discernment is using your mind. You can hold the bible and not have discernment.

Jesus did a lot of things that made the Pharisees uncomfortable. Because they did not see it in scripture. That did not mean what Jesus did was wrong. The prophets who handed down the scripture were persecuted in their own time because what they did was considered wrong.

So discernment has nothing to do with feelings. When Job was saying that God was speaking to him, what scripture did he have to prove that God was speaking to him? What scripture?

So in our day today, we say… “okay, the scriptures prove that it is from God.” Not because of what is written. It is the doctrine and the nature of God that you can find in scripture that says it is possible for God to do this. Not because it’s written word for word. Let me give you an example. If you look in scripture, you’ll never find the word trinity. It’s not in the scripture. But that doesn’t mean the doctrine of the trinity is not in the bible. From the time you open the bible, it’s there.

The word “Elohim” itself means “God in its plurality.” Just that name itself should settle it. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was without form. And the SPIRIT of God was hovering over the water. Notice, it’s just shown you two personalities of God there. God and then His Spirit.

Then you keep reading… it says, “let us make man in our image.” Wait, if God is Spirit, it means he has no image. No God has an image. A form! It means there is a personality of God within God that has a form.

Nobody has ever seen the Father… we know a spirit is like the wind. So when Adam was being created, he was being fashioned after somebody. Who is that somebody? We have never seen, until Jesus came!

So the doctrine of the trinity is there. Jesus even said, “and the Lord said to my Lord, wait until I make your enemies your footstool.” So if He’s calling the Lord, His Lord, then who came first? Who is the Lord? The Pharisees were scratching their heads.

Because the doctrine of the trinity is there! But is it written “the trinity”? It’s not written like that. So when we read the scriptures, it is not just about what is written.

When the bible says, “beware of false prophets…” People don’t know what a Prophet is! Listen guys… LEARN YOUR BIBLE! This thing frustrates me!

You have to understand, in the food chain of spirituality… There are Prophets, there are Apostles, there are Evangelists, there are Teachers, and there are Pastors.

If it tells you, “a false prophet,” it tells you you should be afraid of a Pastor, a Teacher, an Evangelist! Everybody is not a Prophet. Stop it! It doesn’t even make sense.

And they will say, “beware of false prophets” but they’ll say, “holy spirit said to me.” So you’re also a prophet? Haha! Not “I perceive,” not “I feel like God is leading me.”

“Holy spirit said to me.”

And this is what always makes me laugh. They’ll come and say, “The Holy Spirit told me to come to you and you’ll give me a word.” Well, the Holy Spirit should’ve given you that word because He’s the same God that is speaking to me, right?

If you can hear enough for Him to tell you… do you understand what I’m saying?

But all this is because we are obsessed with a certain outcome. So we have become possessive of certain doctrine that may be outside of what God wants to do with us!

Now, let me show you something… I’m sorry I got a little crazy — these things grind my gears, honestly!

Romans 8:26 - “In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for.”

This line should scare you! It should 100% scare you. If this line doesn’t frighten you, something is wrong with you. You see, obsession is not only in outcome but it’s also obsession and possession of certain ways that are not even from God. Let me explain:

Listen to this… “for the Spirit also helps us in our weaknesses.” Anyone that prays outside of the Spirit, you are praying in a place of weakness. All prayer is not made equal. You see, you think you pray for everything the same way – you don’t! This is why people don’t understand the place of giving.

You tell them to give, they’ll say, “well, why should I give, Jesus gave everything!” But Jesus was at the temple looking at how people are giving. You’re obsessed with a certain outcome. You’re fasting and doing all these things… you don’t even know that you’re praying in a position of weakness. You see, prayer must produce results. If there are no results, there’s a problem with you – not God’s will. Because if you pray the correct way, God will tell you “yes” or “no.” God will never leave you in limbo. Because prayer is not a monologue.

Prayer is not a monologue. It is not meant to be. It was never meant to be like that.

They will pray, “should we go left or right, Lord…” He will say, “no, don’t go left, go right.” You, you’re praying for direction for the same thing for 20 years. God is not answering.

You’re praying for certain things, it is not working… you’re still praying! You’re not questioning your method. Am I praying the right way? Because if I am praying and talking to God, God should be able to tell me to stop praying concerning this, go a different way… I will not just keep praying and say, “maybe it is not God’s will.” No, many times your obsession has shut you off from knowing how to achieve certain things. Because all prayer is not made equal. Let me give you an example:

The mother of Samuel, Hannah… prayed for years. God did not answer her. God did not even pay attention to her. She cried all manner of tears. She did all manner of fasting. Nothing ever came out of it. The day she went to the temple by herself and said, “Lord, you give me then I’ll give you…” God answered. So your delay in prayer is that your obsession has turned into possession. And when you became possessive, you lost the way of God. You’ve stuck in your own way.

“God must answer me… one day God will answer me!” The Lord says this, “my ear is not shut to hear nor is my hand short to deliver. When they call, I will answer.”

He actually says, “before they call, I will answer. While they are still speaking, I will hear.” Before they call! So I don’t actually have to verbalize, “oh Father.”

Just the fact that I am thinking of something, God should send me an answer. Because God doesn’t need my sound – God is Spirit!

God is not interested in your physical sound. God is interested in the spiritual sound you make. You see, worship is not loud. It’s not all this music stuff we play. Is it good? Yes! But is that what worship is? No. Actually true worship is not even in harmony. The concept of chords is actually not heavenly. Just because you have a bad voice, does it mean you can’t worship?

Is God listening to what your vocal chords can do or what your spirit is doing? God is seeking those who’ll worship Him in spirit. Not in vocal chords. Not in the playing of guitar. Because if we’re all worshiping God truthfully, we’ll be like in the book of Acts… where people looked at them and said, “these ninja’s are drunk.”

So obsession has killed our ability to pray. And possession has kept us in a certain way of praying. Let me push it deeper…

For everything you desire, there’s a way to pray. For everything you desire, there’s a way to pray. Prayer has nothing to do with feelings. Prayer is strategic in nature.

So for every outcome you want, there is a formula to pray. Let me give you an example.

I’ll start with the prayer of thanksgiving.

You see, if you don’t pay attention to certain patterns, you will miss it. That’s why I’m telling you… we’re obsessed with results but not the formula.

“I want this so bad! …But I don’t understand the formula.”

Let me give you an example.

John 6:8 - Another of his disciples, Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, spoke up, 9 “Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will they go among so many?” 10Jesus said, “Have the people sit down.” There was plenty of grass in that place, and they sat down (about five thousand men were there). 11 Jesus then took the loaves, gave thanks, and distributed to those who were seated as much as they wanted. He did the same with the fish.

Stop right there. Thanksgiving multiplies what you have! Jesus didn’t pray, “Father now… your children are sitting down. Father, you know we need bread! Father, I pray in the name of Jesus, bread… multiply!”

He took the bread, gave thanks, broke it into pieces… when people started taking it, it never ran out. When Elijah went to the woman and the woman was like, “I’m cooking my last cake to eat with my son and we may die.”

Elijah said, “woman… I want you to do this: bake me the cake first, and the oil and the flour in your house will not run out.” He didn’t pray. Because in those days… you have to understand the culture and the tradition.

An example: I know Mama Ghana’s house is like that because they’re african’s. But I also know Armenian’s houses are like that. When guests come into your house, you feed them. Why do you feed them? You feed them because it is a way to be grateful for them coming to your home. It’s a way to receive people. It's thanksgiving! “This is what I have… I’m going to share with you.”

So Elijah said, “very well, bake for your son but make sure I get a portion.” You don’t multiply things by praying. Look at Jesus’ prayer:

“Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. GIVE us this day our daily bread.”

There was no, “Father, open the doors of provision.” That’s not our prayer point.

Prayer of thanksgiving: Our Father who art in Heaven. Your name is great. Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us our bread!

The moment you thank God, provision is automatic! Multiplication is automatic.

But you THINK God is hungry to be praised. No, God doesn’t care if you praise Him or not. Because He’s God anyway.

You see, the devil needs praise because it’s flattery to him. When we praise God as His children, we invoke his nature. It is not for God, it’s for our benefit.

So the prayer of thanksgiving… Giving thanks brings multiplication. That’s what Hannah did: She said, “You give me, I’ll give him back. This will be my gratitude to you. You give me your child, I’ll give him back to you. This will be my way of giving you thanks. That you bless me with something, now it’s yours, I don’t even want it.”

How many children did she have? The bible says, “her womb was opened.” Samuel wasn’t the only one that came out of there.

Anyone who cannot thank God for what they have, it will never increase. You are thanking God for what will come… that’s a mistake. You’re out of touch.

God always begins by multiplying what is in your hand. When Moses was with Him, what did he ask Him? “What is in your hand?” The woman with the flour in the house… God told her, “make sure what is in your house will not stop.” Remember, God doesn’t give you something new, He increases what you have. God will not give you a new anointing, you’ll just grow in it. Because, what God gives you is sufficient. Paul said, “Father deliver me.” He said, “my grace is sufficient, I already gave you what is enough.

Whatever is in the hands of Jesus, multiplies. This is why it is a requirement for you to learn to be content with what you have been given. This is why the bible says, “do not despise the days of what? …..Huuummmblleee beginnings!”

Everything you see in Revelation Church was already there inside me. Even the more that will come will still come from what already is in me. It’s not something new that will fall from Heaven. Nope!

“Father, I want to live long. Father, make me live long!” Or, “Father, I thank you for this day!” Then God will give you many days. “Oh Father, THANK YOU for this glass of water. There’s somebody somewhere that cannot have this water. Me, you’ve given me… Father, I pray.”

You can’t recognize God for things, that’s why they can’t multiply.

They say, “Jesus we need to send them somewhere else so that they can get food for themself.” You see, every time you have to leave what God gave you, you have to do it yourself.

“Send them away, let them go and find food for themself.”

Jesus said, “why are we sending them, let’s give them something to eat.”

“But we don’t have anything!”

You see, every time you have to leave what God has given you, you have to go and do it yourself. You see, everything in your life is a progression.

The bible does not say, “you will have eternal life.” It says, “YOU HAVE eternal life.” What will take you to Heaven, is not something that is coming, it’s already in you!

And in this life, the more you recognize it… you give thanks for it… that is the ZOE life. The overflowing eternal life starts to touch your physical life.

You see, we have eternal life and we have everlasting life. Eternal life and everlasting life are different. Eternal life is that life you need for you to exist in eternity. Everlasting life is a life that is in a loop – replay! It just keeps going.

EVERLASTING: It means, it comes to an end and it starts again. It comes to an end, then it starts again. It’s EVER, LASTING! So for you to measure its everlastingness, it means that it comes to the end and then it continues. Eternal has no beginning and no end.

So if you carry everlasting life it means that, if I take something and I give thanks… it enters the realm of everlasting. It doesn’t run out. But the only way you put something in that realm, if you don’t have the prayer of thanksgiving, you cannot. When Job lost everything, did he pray for multiplication? No! What did he do? The first prayer he did, he gave thanks. He said, “from my mothers womb I came naked, naked will I go back. The Lord has given and the Lord has taken. Praise be to his name!” Then he bowed down and worshiped. The FIRST thing he did, is he PRAISED God for what happened! And God gave him more wealth, more kids. Notice the language children that the bible says: God gave him “more” children. That’s what the bible says. It doesn’t say God gave him “new” children. It says, “God gave him MORE children.” Because his children were not done away with, they’re in Heaven. It’s a continuation.

God multiplied his flock. It did not say God gave him “new flock.” He multiplied it. It means, what you lost is not really lost. It has been moved to a realm that is waiting for thanksgiving.

You know that’s just one form of prayer. But the prayer of thanksgiving is not just with words, it’s with material things. But you don’t understand these things.

They said, “Moses, we want bread.” God made bread rain every day. There was no prayer. God wanted them to thank him. “I gave your Fathers bread in the wilderness.”

The first thing Jesus taught us how to do is to glorify his name. Give thanks unto his name. “Our Father who is in heaven… hallowed be… your name is great!” Jesus just took bread and said, “Father, we bless you who gives us bread.” Put it down – boom! Broke it into pieces. “Feed them!”

But before He even did that he said, “tell them to sit, and in certain groups.” Gave thanks, broke the bread and said, “give it to them.” They’re taking the bread and realizing that… “Wait what? Why isn’t the bread running out? Why isn’t the fish…?” Jesus did not bring it down and then there’s more fish. No, He broke it into pieces. But everytime they dipped their hand they thought that the piece was running out, they realized that it was not running out.

You hate your job so much. You’re so obsessed with the next chapter of your life that you’re forgetting to thank God for what you have right now. You’re forgetting there’s somebody sleeping outside right now.

You can’t just praise God. When you praise God, this is your prayer: “Father, I thank you for all the big things and the small things.” When did God ever do anything small? Every seed looks small until you put it in the ground. You water it. It turns into a tree. Then you’re shocked: “Ah, is it that little thing that I thought was little.”

The bible says, “God enthrones the praises of His people.” You have to understand that the nature of God… is that wherever He is, creation becomes more vibrant. Creation is increased. That is the very nature of God.

Wherever God is, things begin to produce after His kind. It says, “God enthrones the praises of His people.” When people are praising Him, God comes and He’s enthroned in that. And when He’s enthroned, it’s second nature for all those things to just start happening. Everything that God does, he says, “Let it produce after its kind!” But you don’t pray, “Father, let things be produced after its kind.” Just the fact that you’re in His presence, you give something, it starts doing the same thing.

Jesus goes on the boat and says, “Peter, we’re going to go and catch fish.”

“But Lord, it’s the wrong time.”

Do you realize Jesus never stopped the flow of fish, it’s Peter that did. And His friends. Fish were just diving in the net. They filled their boat with fish. Another boat came, they filled it with fish. Their net started breaking, and their boat started sinking… they said, “enough!”

The presence of Jesus causes what you have to increase. Peter was in the same lake, he couldn't do anything. Your situation can turn into a multiplication equation.

What you think is dry, is dry because Jesus has not been praised. When did you thank God for your children? When did you thank God for all the trial and tribulation? When did you thank God for all the rejection? When did you thank God for all the pain? When did you thank God for all the things that have brought you back to Him? When did you thank God for these things, because it says, “all things work for your good.” That is giving you a reason to praise Him. But you want out of this thing so bad that you’re missing the point.

Divine health is not a prayer point, it’s when you start thanking God for your health. “Oh Father, thank you for my health. I thank you for my health. I can breathe again this morning. Oh Lord, you are good.”

Thanksgiving is powerful. Enter His presence with thanksgiving. His presence. It’s not just a matter of entering. What is the point of entering His presence? People don’t understand that line. You cannot enter the presence of a God that is everywhere. So what does it mean?

Enter into His nature. Enter into His person. Jesus said, “unless you are in me, and I in you… you can bear no fruits.” Multiplication comes by joining, but the only way you join is praise.

So you want more money but you don’t know how to get more money from God. You think it’s about asking… no. If He has already given you a dollar it means you don’t need to pray for money. A seed is never big. You’re confusing a seed for a harvest. A seed produces a harvest. God gives seed to the sower. Everything begins with what? A seed. It does not begin with a harvest. This is why Warren Buffet has never prayed, yet he has money. The seed of money is already in your hands. You don’t know how to thank God.

“Unless I am a millionaire, then I can thank God for money. But what I have is not enough to thank God.” When you pray about money, you’re praying for your bills to be paid, etc. Not “Father, I thank you for this ten dollars I have. Thank you, Father. I don’t take it for granted. You’re so good to me, Lord. Others can’t have this. Yes, I know I want more but this is the seed of great things and I thank you for it. I thank you that you have not given me this to leave me here. I will be faithful with this one you have given me. Let it have a purpose in your Kingdom. Whether it’s to feed a homeless person, whether it’s for me to save it, whether it’s to take care of myself… let it have a purpose in your Kingdom. I praise you for this.” You never do that! Instead, you’ll be fasting for financial security. Solomon never fasted for that.

If you want direction in life from God, you don’t pray “God give me direction.” Let me ask you a simple question: If you want to get to a certain place, right?… let’s say I want to travel from here to New York, how do I get to New York? You use maps, right? Why do you use maps? Huh? It gives you direction? Okay… what is giving you direction? But what is in the map? Information. So what is the application of knowledge? Do you want to be rich? Okay, so you already know where you want to go? So what are you lacking? Wisdom and knowledge. So if you want God to give you direction, you don’t pray for direction… you pray for wisdom! Solomon wanted to lead the people for God. God asked him, “what do you want?” Solomon said, “give me wisdom.” God said, “because you have asked me for this, I’ll give you everything else that you want.”

Now, I want you to understand why asking for wisdom is important. You see, only a fool says there is no God. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of what? Wisdom. When you pray for wisdom it says the FEAR… Anyone know what fear means? The REVERENCE of God is the beginning of wisdom. Meaning that, if I have reverence for God, it means I acknowledge God. Acknowledge the Lord and He shall make your path straight. So you’re praying for a straight path without acknowledging Him… it will never happen! Acknowledge the Lord with everything, and He will make your paths straight. So you’re going through turns and twists… it’s because you never acknowledged Him. “Father give me direction, Father give me…” No, No, No, No…

It begins with wisdom. The sons of Sceva had what? Wisdom of the times. They had the understanding… they could get it! They didn’t have prayer, they had wisdom to understand the times. You don’t even know your time of blessing because you have no wisdom. You cannot tell that things are shifting! Unless you feel it, or you hear the voice of God, then you don’t even know that it’s your time. Yet, you should have enough wisdom to tell, “Okay winter is about to ‘come… I need a coat then I will be safe. This is about to change, so it means I should be planting.” You lack direction because you have no wisdom.

So our prayers are focused on the wrong things. Because you pray amiss. Let me ask you: How do you get deliverance? Deliverance doesn’t come because you said, “in the name of Jesus come out.” The children of Israel were in Egypt. Their prayer was, “how long Lord, we have been crying Father… oh Father free us from this. Take us out of Egypt.” God never took them out of Egypt. For so many years. How many years? 400 years. And the man who came to take them out of Egypt, was not a prayerful person. He encountered God, then He became a prayerful person. But listen to what God said: “I have seen the suffering of my people. I have seen their pain by reason of their task masters, so I have come down to deliver them. Moses, I want you to go and deliver them out of Egypt, to bring them to serve me upon this mountain.”

You will never receive deliverance, unless you’re going to God. There is no deliverance without having the plan of going to serve Him. There is an INVITATION out of bondage. That invitation should lead you into your prophetic destiny in Him. Deliverance is not outside of Him. So for 400 years they remained in bondage. Because if they were free out of that place, they would have never gone into the promise land. They would’ve gone everywhere else and the promise of God would have perished for their lives. How do we know this? The moment Moses freed them, they began to fight the person that freed them. Some even remained in the wilderness. The bible says, “those who remained in the wilderness they all perished.” And the ones that were free, they were so stubborn that God killed every one of them in the wilderness and it is their children that made it to the promise land.” Because for them, they just wanted to leave bondage, they did not want to go to where God is. “Lord, deliver my family. Lord, deliver my husband.” “Why? So that he may love me?” No.. “If your goal is not for him to serve me and to follow me, I can’t free him.” “Father, deliver my wife!” “Why?” There is no freedom without the King. Whenever the Lord freed people, he said, “Go, and sin no more.” Meaning, “follow me.”

Listen, I am tired of releasing God’s blessing on people and then these people don’t come back and say “thank you” to God, and they don’t remain planted. May God take what He gave them! And a young fool, loves God but is a fool.. He said, “Well, this is witchcraft and manipulation… Jesus even healed people and told them, “go.” No, you don’t understand what Jesus did. Jesus never told anybody to leave Him. They will say, “let me follow you.” He said, “go and tell your people what I have done.” Jesus was winning disciples! How can a man open your eyes and you go and live your life without Him? It is reverse psychology! Jesus wanted people to know of Him so that they can come to God. “How did you get blessed?” “Oh… there is a man!” Anyone that Jesus healed that never returned, they were never made whole! The lepers were healed, they were never made whole. The one that came back, was not made whole. Why? You cannot be whole outside of Christ! Your miracle will be temporary. It’s foolishness!

We are so hyper-spiritual because we don’t understand spiritual things. And the sad thing is this young man loves God but He doesn’t know spiritual things. Just because you can cast some demons out online, doesn’t mean you are mature spiritually. That is not even what the prophetic is. I’ve been casting out demons since I was six years old. Easiest thing to do! A lot of the people doing deliverance, my Andrew, who is thirteen, will put them to shame!

Some of us, just our presence in a place provokes demons. There is no freedom without Jesus. Listen to what the Bible says: “By a Prophet was Israel delivered and by a Prophet were they what? PRESERVED.” The one that freed you is the one that has the ability to preserve you. Outside of that, you cannot! It’s a lie! Where do we come up with these things? Do you get what I’m saying? It’s crazy to me! Not by PROPHETS, by A PROPHET. One guy, who was sent to Egypt was responsible for their preservation.

How can God give you healing in a certain place and you go and thank God somewhere else. Well, that’s fine. But the person you’re going to thank God with, did they give you what God gave you? So if they could not produce it, how could they maintain it for you? How? How?! How is that possible?

Do you know why we remain with Jesus as our Lord and savior? Because Jesus is the source of that life. You leave Him, you can’t have it! Satan left His presence, he’s still an angel but now he’s a demon. He’s damned! He’s straight up to the fire… why? Because he left the King. Paul said, “follow me as I follow Jesus.” He did not say, “you can follow me if you want.” Was he being manipulative? No. Listen to what the Apostle said… he said, “If anyone comes and preaches a different gospel than what we have taught you… even if they be an angel, let them be accursed.” So wherever God has touched you, there is a doctrine you need to maintain.

So we’re mistaking all these things because we don’t understand spiritual things. We just have a bunch of people who love God that have become diluted by the world! All you do with your life is reaction videos… What's wrong with you? Instead of reacting, responding to the Holy Spirit, you want to respond to what other people are doing, while souls are dying in the world! Where’s the logic?! Some of us who can hear His voice, if we were to sit down and react to people, we would never finish.

Remain in the grace! It’s wisdom. Is it mandatory? No, but it’s wisdom. Do you have to? No. Will Jesus still love you? Absolutely. The reason why I honor powerful men of God that have had an impact in my life… I respect them and I love them… some have mistakes, some have their own errors… but do you know why I love them? There is something they deposited in me that is from Jesus. And if I stop loving these men, I will frustrate that grace. So I’m wise enough to love them, to honor them… it doesn’t mean I agree with everything, but I agree with the grace. There is a certain grace that every man of God has been given by God, not because they prayed but because God saw it fit to give it to them. That is why you go to different men of God. Everyone can pray, everyone can preach… but we pursue the unique grace on each individual. That’s what we pursue! Not prayer… you can pray for yourself. It is the unique grace. It is the unique grace that we pursue.

Popularity is not grace. The manifestation of the divine presence of God is the grace. There are people that are called to have a lot of people and there are people who are not called to have a lot of people. That is not what proves whether you’re sent by God or not. It is the manifestation of a unique grace.

Let me tell you children of God… we haven’t started posting testimonies. From the last three months we’ve been doing testimonies… we have over 400 recorded testimonies. Over 400! Our issue now is we’re looking for who can edit. We were talking about it yesterday, Chris… I’m just like, man… There are just so many testimonies!

My son Chandler was telling me, “Papa, there was a certain young girl… her mother had stage four brain cancer...” She saw me praying for somebody and cancer disappeared. They said, “Lord God, I go to this place… I have heard this man of God speak. I invoke the same grace and I pray for my mother!” Stage four. The mother went to the hospital, no cancer! ZERO. The doctors thought it was a joke. They did different tests… There's no cancer nowhere in the brain. Simply because somebody experienced grace and they invoked that grace.

And the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ… Grace is distributed by the Lord Jesus individually to express Him differently. We all don’t have the same grace. That’s why we need each other! There’s something I have, you may not have. But you have something that I don’t have. Wisdom gives you direction. No wisdom, no direction. Because wisdom will tell you, this is the right time to go… not to go. No wisdom, no direction.

Some of you are believers being deceived. Why are you being deceived? No wisdom. You don’t know where you’re going. You see, the right message to the wrong person is wrong.

Jesus could not preach grace, yet it was the right message but it was to the wrong people. We are saved by faith through what? Grace. We are saved by Grace through Faith… that’s what the bible says. So the salvation plan is by grace, but Jesus didn’t preach it… that’s what He came to do. Because the people He was going to tell about grace could not understand it.

Do you realize Moses prayed for grace? Because Moses was already in the future. He was even telling them, “The Lord will send a prophet… another one like me. That will see God too.” He was talking about the Lord Jesus. That Prophet. Moses was at the mountain and said, “Lord, if your grace does not go with me… don’t send me from this place.” Moses knew what Grace is. Jesus who’s the giver of grace, is among them… is not preaching about grace. But the twelve who were Jesus never preached grace. The one who understands the law, is told to preach grace! And he’s sent to people who have no law.

This is why it’s always funny to me… Gentiles, who we have been grafted into the house of Israel by grace… Paul comes and says, “uhh… circumcision was good but for Abraham and for us, not for them.” Peter wanted, “every gentile that wants to receive Jesus, you must be circumcised!” Then the Holy Spirit started falling on them the same. Paul said, “no, God is not looking for foreskin to be cut. He’s looking for circumcision of the heart. If we tell them to do this, this is not for them.” “Hm…” They’re like, “yeah, actually God is falling on them like us. Hmm…” It was a “hmmm...” moment. “Yeah, he has a point.”

The bible speaks about the owner of a farm. The laborers came first. He asked them, “how much do you want?” “Ten dollars per hour.” So he gave them the ten dollars. Some came one hour before the farm was closed. He asked them, “what do you want?” They said, “twenty dollars.” The ones that were given ten dollars started complaining, “why are you giving us ten dollars and them they came late, you’re giving them twenty dollars?”

You see, the work should always be easier for the ones who come after. But you see, people who love the law, they want everybody to be under the law. Why are Christians trying to be Jews? I have no problem with our Jewdial heritage. Rosh Hashanah is cool, but it’s for them not for me. It doesn’t change anything for me. It’s good…

We’re looking to Jesus… Is it good to celebrate it? Cool. But don’t be obsessed! That’s not what makes you anointed. Can you do it? Yeah. Nothing wrong with it. But when you start getting obsessed about these things, you lose the plot. How many feats did they have, God didn’t even like it? Because they were doing things the wrong way, the heart was in a different place. Majority of the people in the world didn’t even know Rosh Hashanah is happening but when the rapture comes, they’ll be taken! Is Rosh Hashanah cool? Yeeess…

Do you get what I’m trying to say though? We are obsessed with things that don’t bear spiritual fruits. Some of the most powerful men of God I know, they have no idea what Rosh Hashanah is. They just know the bible! They say, “read this verse… let’s pray like this.” MIRACLES and CHANGES… bringing people to salvation!

You see, when we start being obsessed with the flesh, we become fleshly. God is not just the God of the Jews. He’s the God of the Jamaicans, Africans, Indians, Congolese…. He’s the God of everybody! God is not obsessed with what year it is, He is obsessed with: “Are you ready for my son coming to get you?” That’s God’s issue!

So I gave you two points so far.

Simplify your walk with God, you’ll be very happy. You are walking with the Holy Spirit just fine. You don’t need another custom. You need customs of the Spirit, not of the flesh. So I’ll give you a simple example, again… one more time: You want multiplication, don’t pray for multiplication: Give Thanks. When Jesus wanted Lazzarus to awaken, did He pray for resurrection? What was His prayer? “Father, I thank you! Lazzarus, get up!”

You see, the Lord Jesus said something very powerful. He said this to the Jews… He says, “You love the customs of your Father so much, that you have taken the customs of God lightly.” He said, “you purify yourselves this way, you purify yourselves that way, but you’ve forgotten that’s not what God is looking at.” The Lord Jesus said that!

You see, I am not against all these celebrations… don’t get me wrong. Anything that celebrates God is good. Don’t be obsessed with them. God is not a Jew! He came through the Jewish people on earth, physically. The man who empowered Moses to walk with God, He was an African man… Jethro was not a Jew. But he had the presence of God until Moses came. How God walked with Jethro, is completely different than how He walked with the children of Israel. Completely different. Why? Because God dealt with him according to their ways, their customs.

You see, there’s the ways of men and there’s the ways of God. As long as it does not fight what God wants to do, God doesn’t mind it. He doesn’t care. Jethro was an Ethiopian man. Not even in Ethiopia, in the Middle East in Saudi. The customs of those people and the customs of the Jews are different. That is why when God came down, Moses was disturbed. He said, “Father, what will I tell them? Who will I tell them sent me?” God said, “tell them ‘I AM’ has sent you. Moses responds, “they don’t know who ‘I AM’ is!” God says, “oh yeah, you’re right… tell them the God of their fathers, Abraham and Jacob, has sent you.”

Notice, God had to deal with their traditions in order for them to connect. Because nobody and among their people ever met God in the way Moses met God. But the grace to meet Moses like that came from another man, not from a Jew.

Are you getting what I’m saying?

So what God commanded the Jews, He didn’t command me. That’s GOOD for them, not for me. I hear him just fine. If He tells me “oh, you MUST,” then it’s different. There are certain things I will do because it’s a heritage thing. Not because you need it. Paul said, “to the Jews, I was a Jew and to the Romans I was a Roman.” Meaning that, if I’m dealing with Romans, I can’t deal with them like Jews.

So we are battling certain things because we’re obsessed with physical things, not spiritual things. Go to Israel right now. Israelis don’t believe in your Jesus, but they do all those feasts. Yet God said, “I will raise up the Gentiles to provoke them into jealousy. To see that all these things you’re doing, is not it. I will raise up prophets from Africa, from China… to provoke them! To make them see you have been obsessed with these things but look I'm speaking to them that don't even do what you're doing. Receive my son Jesus!

It’s because we are obsessed with the past. God says the latter will be greater. All those are good, celebrate them if you can. Don't be upset with them.

Let us learn protocols that will boost us, that will take her somewhere with God. A feast is good. Perfect. All those things are amazing, they are not bad... they're good. They’re amazing.

You see, there was a great man of God in the Congo, he was a powerful prophet. His name was Simon. Kimbangu was his last name. Simon Kimbangu was one of the most powerful men of God in the history of the world. One of them. The man troubled the Belgian when they were colonizing in Congo. The man was so endowed with God that they would put him in jail, an angel would appear, grab him and he would appear at home. He was that kind of guy. The guy was different. He had a way that he prayed. He had a way that he did things. if you googled him, you’ll see a picture of him… very ancient. When his time came and God took him, his people had the name Kimbanguist, meaning, “the followers of Kimbangu.” It became a church and these guys perverted everything that he did because they made it customs for themselves. Yet this was the man's custom, that now it turned into something else. Just like the people who followed William Branham… when William left, they became Branhamites. They perverted this man's everything! Branhamites did the same thing.

You see, God appears to Moses, he tells him fast 40 days and 40 nights. God comes to Joshua, He said, “You don't fast. Meditate on this word, day and night.” Some of you are trying to do 40 days and 40 nights. Why? How many people in the Bible did that? It was not for everyone!

Even your fasting is according to your assignment. This was a trait of great deliverers! Moses had to do it, Jesus had to do it. Not many people did 40 days and 40 nights. No… it’s not for everyone! Is fasting good? The Bible says, “when you fast,” meaning you must fast! So if we just think, “because Moses did it, I’m going to do it.” You will die before your time! It takes grace to fast for 40 days. With no food or water, if God’s hand is not on you… after 21 days you’ll die. With water you can't go beyond 21 days, your body starts eating itself. You can do 21 with water, you'll be fine. But after 21, your body will start eating itself.

Let us desire to be effective for God. Not just words. Not just things that other people are doing because it feels good. It’s a waste of time. I want to do something that opens up heaven for more souls to be won! I don’t just want to celebrate something because other people are celebrating it. But that’s me. I’m not saying go and do the same. I’m talking about me.

Do you guys know about St. Patrick? Do you know how deep St. Patrick was? You need to go read about him. He was from Ireland, right? You know there are no snakes in Ireland because of St. Patrick. There was a kid who was bitten by a snake and they told St. Patrick. He said, “show me where the snake is.” He went and grabbed the snake by its tail and said, “you and your kind, I banish you from Ireland.” You can’t find a single snake in Ireland. The guy was different! Go and read about him! The king’s son had died. I think he’d been buried for a week. He said, “take me to where the kid was buried.” He went to the grave, drew his seal on it. He said, “dig him out.” They opened it up and the guy is back to life. St. Patrick! Go read about him. But imagine if people who saw him followed his culture. That was for him and God. It’s not about alcohol. People perverted that man’s celebration. He’s the one who man Ireland become Christian.

In everything, remove yourself from obsession. Everything that I just spoke about is that people were obsessed with certain things that they messed up. Learn things from people. Why you get church hurt is because you became obsessed with the pastor, not the word of God. So when the pastor wronged you, you made it that God wronged you. No, the pastor! Separate the two.

“Why aren’t you in church?” “I don’t go to church because people hurt me.” “So… did God hurt you?” “No, the pastor.” Huuhh?? There are bad pastors out there. It’s your discernment that got you to the wrong one. But separate God from that person. Don’t make it about God. Celebrate the two.

Somebody says, “what about Christmas, can we celebrate it?” It is in the name: CHRIST, CELEBRATION. What’s wrong with that? Imagine pagans are convincing you not to celebrate Jesus. CHRIST, MAS. Celebration of Christ. I wish Christmas was everyday! You see, it is all about your conscience, right? In the garden, there was a tree of life. In my house, I have the biggest Christmas trees. Not because it's of some pagan thing. The star at the top is reminding me of Christ and this tree is where life of men came from. Jesus is that tree. The gift! He’s the gift of life God gave to people. So when my nephews, my son are coming to get gifts, it reminds me of Christ. You are so brainwashed by somebody who just came and said, “oh, this is an evil holiday.” Imagine I am celebrating Jesus but it's evil. How can those two things go together? It’s not even logical. Do you understand for you to operate demonic things, you have to be intentionally demonic. How can I be celebrating Jesus yet I'm doing witchcraft? Those two don’t even go together! It is in the name: Christ. Mass. This is the problem of following traditions of people. Do you know every day that you celebrate something good, to another person's culture it’s something bad. Does it mean we don't celebrate? No. Let’s say on your birthday your best friend’s mother died. Does it mean you never celebrate your birthday? No. It doesn’t make sense. Stop getting carried away with man's tradition.

Some people demonize the cross. What is wrong with the cross? The cross is nothing. For us it is a sign of victory. “Oh, the cross is demonic.” Why? It’s a sign of Victory! Do you know how many centuries before you, there were people casting out demons by just showing them the cross? Demons don't like the cross because it's a sign of Victory. But you need to cross to cast out a demon? No! Because the greatest sign of Victory is: what do you believe Jesus did on the cross?

That's why Paul said, “I preach Christ crucified,” because that's the place of victory! Even the cross now is demonic… ayyy, Christians! Everything is evil now. You don't understand you're being crippled. They're putting an evil conscience in you. So all those years you're celebrating Christmas, you're evil. You are doing witchcraft. Are you getting what I'm saying? The cross is victory. It has nothing to do with Satanism. To the Romans, the cross was punishment. To us, it’s victory. To the Romans, to them… this was punishment. To us, wow… What a victory! Two different perspectives, the same cross. To the Romans, death! To us, eternal life. Does it mean we stop calling the cross, “the sign of Victory” because the Romans see it as a symbol of death? Jesus said, “when I will be coming, the sign of the son of man will show up in the heaven” What is the sign of the son of man? The cross! What other sign do you have on the Earth? These things are simple. Not that it matters whether you have a cross or not. But don't demonize things because somebody told you. And you’re listening to people who don't even have the Holy Spirit!

Anyhow I’ve gone in enough of a rant now. So there are different kinds of Prayer and maybe tomorrow I'll give you more. But for tonight, I think we're good here! So may God bless you, tomorrow is a prophetic service! It will be really powerful, it’ll be amazing. The Lord Jesus will move with us. I want you to grab something you want to give to God, go and give it and I'll see you tomorrow. God bless you, bye bye.

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