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Today we're going to speak about “suddenly,” and I want you to understand that God operates from a realm that we cannot perceive Him with our sight, with our instinct. God will usually be far from our ability to see what He’s doing. Each and every one of you that is watching right now, I am sure there are things you're asking the Lord, why did they happen?

There are things I'm sure that you are thinking of, you're looking at your life and saying, “Lord, why is this happening? You know I love you, I've done everything right… but why are these things happening?” The reason why God is never offended with us asking questions is because God understands that we cannot always see what He's doing. And even there are times that we know what God is doing but it is like… “is it necessary for me to go through this?”

Sometimes you will ask yourself, “is it really necessary for us to have this experience of life? Why do we need to have it?”

It means that God will always operate from the realm of mysteries because God is a mysterious God. Questions are evidence that God cannot be perceived with our physical senses. And even when we pick up what God is doing spiritually, many times we still ask the question, “why?”

I was at the sushi restaurant yesterday and as I was having dinner there were some three young men that were sitting next to me and they said hi to me and I spoke to them. They all just turned 18. They asked me a question: “So what would you tell your 18 year old self?” and etc. I told them, “Listen, understand this… I feel like I was 18 yesterday! This thing happens quick!”

So I started giving them life advice and things like that… I knew some of the things that I was telling them, it was impossible for them to perceive because they had not had an experience. You see, without an experience, it is impossible for you to expect a suddenly. Suddenly’s are expected by those who have had an experience with God. It is impossible for you to expect anything from God if you have not had an experience with God.

There's a lot of people who lose their faith. I've seen men of God lose faith. I've seen children of God lose faith. Simply because what they expected to happen, did not happen. We are supposed to be expectant, but we are supposed to be expectant of a suddenly.

We should not expect things to be in our time, but we should expect them to be sudden! We should not expect things to happen on our time because God knows best. I may want something to happen tomorrow, but God may say, “2 years from now is the best. 10 years from now is best.” There's a lot of people who want things now but remember, we don't know tomorrow… only the Lord knows tomorrow! So suddenly can only be received by experience. After you've gone through a time of despair where you believed but nothing happened and you go to the place of just saying, “Lord, whatever you do, I trust you.” Suddenly’s begin to happen! That is when you start tapping into the realm of knowing that God can just shock you! There are many of you that I believe after this live stream, God will begin to shock you! I believe that this word is going to inject strength into you, I believe it's going to increase your faith… it’s going to focus you to another direction. And when a SUDDENLY happens, it will SHOCK you. You see, Job was willing to be insulted, he was willing to be looked down upon because He knew, “God will surprise me… they don’t know where I came from. But I know whatever God does, is always special.”

God is never late. To even say, “God is on time,” is assuming that God comes late. God is the orchestrator of everything that is happening in your life. If the Bible says, “all things work for your good,” it means He's the one orchestrating these things.

Joshua 11:4 - 5 They came out with all their troops and a large number of horses and chariots—a huge army, as numerous as the sand on the seashore. All these kings joined forces and made camp together at the Waters of Merom to fight against Israel.

You see, unless somebody is fighting against you, there is no suddenly! Let me shock you: God is creating your enemies! I'll give you an example: Remember when I told you about when I went for laser treatment to get off my marks? I don't know what I ate or what I I took that gave me a reaction where I started breaking out. The problem with this kind of skin is that if any blemish happens, it's like present! Right? But going through the process whereby I went to a dermatologist and I went to do all those things, it make me understand things that can happen to you without understanding how it happened. All my life I've always had good skin, I've never had a breakout. Now it’s stopping but it just shows you that things can just happen to you. It doesn't matter whether you're a Christian, whether you are an unbeliever, things happen to everybody. But In everything that happens, there is a STRONG lesson that God ordains for everybody to understand.

For me personally, I learned that I can’t just eat anything. I just can't take any vitamins. I had to change a lot of things. And the moment I took out some things that I was eating or whatever, immediately it stopped. In the same way, God will allow you to face certain things. He will create your enemies in order for you to have a reflection where you can see yourself.

Part of the miracle of God is not to really deliver you from your enemies, it’s to deliver you from you! Because God will expose what is going on within us and when God exposes what is going on within us, it becomes easy for us to see ourselves and to be delivered from self.

The cross was not about people, the cross was about Jesus. When Jesus went to the Cross, He went to the Cross because He chose to do so. It wasn't because man prayed for salvation. It is not because we sent God an email and said, “Lord come and save us, deliver us from our sins!” Nobody could do that. We didn't even know there was remission of sin. God is the one who decided to come for us. “For God so loved the world.” It was His decision. So when Jesus was about to go to the cross, it had nothing to do with men. It had to do with Him. If He was going to be glorified… you hear the Lord Jesus praying in the Gospel, saying that: “Father, I have glorified you. Restore unto me the glory that we shared together before the world began.”

What you don't understand is that the deliverance that God wants to bring to us is to cause us to elevate to the place that God has actually called us. The enemies you face are actually for your good. The one who orchestrated them is God. Tell me one great person that didn’t have enemies.

The moment God is sending you to do something or you’re elevating to do something, there will always be opposition. Without opposition, it means you're nobody. Oppositions reveal if you really have made up your mind to go where God wants you to go.

The Lord told the children of the children of Israel this: There is a land I’ve prepared for you. But that land that God prepared for them, they had to fight! God was with them but they had to fight. Many of you are thinking it's the devil attacking you, but in reality they’re orchestrated to be the reason why you're elevated. Anyone that doesn't have a Judas is not going to be glorified.

Unless you have somebody that is trying to destroy you, trying to sell you, trying to betray you, you’re not going to be glorified! The Lord Jesus said, “unless the Son of man is lifted up, I draw all men unto me.” So you need somebody that will cause you to go to the cross so that you can be elevated. So suddenly’s take orchestrations. To the world it should be “suddenly,” for us we should be expectant that something is going to happen. Because we know everything works for our good. The world should look and say, “wow, it took you two days to become a billionaire.” But they don't know how long you cried. But the reason you cried is the reason why you will maintain that level. You will maintain that level because of your cry. Your cry will ensure that you remain up there.

I want somebody to type, “I thank God for my enemies!” Anyone without a challenge is nobody. The callings of God does not take away challenges, it actually attracts challenges in order for God to be revealed. So the children of Israel are with God, they are going to the promised land. Here are some Kings that have gathered to fight them and they have gathered before they sea where they have to go. They have joined forces to destroy them. Is it sickness that you feel like is going to destroy you? Is it people that you feel like they're about to destroy? Is it a poverty you feel like is about to destroy you? Is it because your husband left you, your wife left you, or the relationship collapsed? Whatever it is, or your children turned against you? Listen to me: it will end up in praise!

Every single thing that is happening to you will end up in praise. It should be “suddenly” to the world but for us we should expect it. Your enemies will see a “suddenly,” but you, you should see an expectation.

Joshua 11:6 - And the Lord said to Joshua, “Do not be afraid of them. For tomorrow at this time I will give over all of them slain to Israel. You shall hamstring their horses and burn their chariots with fire.

Listen to what God is saying: I will deliver them unto you slain! You see, when your enemies come to you they are already defeated. Because God will deliver them slain. You are already victorious, you already conquered, you already won! This thing is already in your favor, it’s already working for you. Your enemies are already delivered, slain. That means that they’re just a stepping stone. That evil spirit is already slain. That cancer is already slain. That sickness is already slain. That financial crisis is already slain. Whatever it is that you're facing, it has already already been defeated. It has already been defeated. It has already been defeated.

God is guaranteeing they will be delivered slain. “And you shall band their chariots and take their horses,” meaning… God will take speed from them and will take mobility from them.

Joshua 11:7 - 8 “So Joshua and all his Warriors came suddenly against them by the water of Maron and fell upon them. And the Lord gave them into the hand of Israel, who struck them and chased them as far as Great Sidon and Misrephoth-maim, and eastward as far as the Valley of Mizpeh. And they struck them until left none remaining.”

But remember God said, “I have delivered them to you slain.” You see, many of you when God says, “I have given you this,” you relax. When God says, “I have done this for you,” you relax. God said, I've opened this door,” you stop working. You say, “God said He will open the door.” God says, “I will make you great,” you go to bed and sleep. God says, I’m the next biggest star in the world. You don’t audition, you just wait for your great role. That is foolishness. God says that I'm going to be married this year! But you lock yourself in your room fasting and praying.

God says transformation is coming but you're not changing the people you're hanging out with. God is saying your business will elevate, you don't want to start anything. You see, prophecy reveals the mind of God concerning your future and it guarantees that you will succeed but it is not saying you will not work. You will work. I'll say it again: you will work! 100% you will work. 100% you will fight.

Somebody asked: “So Papa, the Bible says faith without works is dead. Do we still do the works or do we wait on God to do the suddenly and not do anything? How do we know when to move out of God's way?"

Number one is that you're not in God’s way because you are His instrument. What makes you stand in God's way is when you don't allow God to do what He wants to do. Whenever you see situations that you cannot control, it means let God do His thing. You're supposed to do what God has allowed you strength to do. So if I know, this I cannot do, that I cannot do, then I'm going to do what I can do. That is what God is looking for. Spirits cannot function without a man doing something on earth. If you're not moving, if you're not functioning, if you're not going after something, God has no power to do anything because you have to participate in what God is doing. God doesn’t need anybody’s help but God needs you because He’s about to do is through you. If we say, “God doesn't need people,” why did he come as a human being? If God doesn't need people, why did He go for Moses? Because God's will on earth concerning men will be done through men. So many of you, the reason why you are struggling is because you are trying to help God.

Number two. You're trying to solve the situations not allowing God's leading to where you can actually be active. So let me give you an example: you lost your job, you have no job… are you just going to sit at home? You say, “Lord, I know that you’ll give me increase.” Let me just say it like this: Do you realize everyone that God ever came for everyone that God ever called was working? God never called anyone idle. The only one that God called was idle, who refused… the idle one refused to follow Him. Jesus went to a man and said, “follow me,” He said, “let me go and bury my father.” That’s the one that never followed Him. Everyone else was busy doing something. Matthew was collecting taxes. Peter was catching fish. Luke was treating people. Every single Apostle was busy doing something. When Elijah went to find Elisha, where did he find Elisha? Farming. Moses was busy running a country until he was exiled. And when he was exiled, he was busy being a shepherd. Joshua, same thing. None of these people were idle. Anyone that is idle is demonic because God doesn't like laziness. Laziness is actually a sign that you already have a demonic snare on you because the Bible says, “He who does not work shall not eat.” So if you will not be active, you are better off doing the wrong job then not doing anything at all. Because if you're doing the wrong job, at least you're in motion, God can redirect you. But somebody who is not doing anything, has not even started, God cannot do anything.

The Bible says a lazy person is an abomination. The Bible says that in Proverbs. If you're not in motion, you're dead. Some of you are waiting for favorable seasons, God is waiting for you to be active. I'll give you an example: God called me since I was 6 years old but before my time of calling came, I was doing everything. When I was young, I worked in church. Whatever I could do in church, I did it. Today I did a little IG live trying to see if I can still play drums, because I play drums a whole lot in church. I cleaned, I did everything that I could to be active. When it came to my working years, I toured and I performed. When that got to an end, I started producing. By the time I was coming into ministry, I was already a Grammy nominated producer. I already had platinum records sold. So God found me in motion, God never found me idle.

Faith is a verb. Because faith is in motion. Faith is at the end result of prayer. Faith is what fuels prayer. Faith is what receives what you offered in prayer. You cannot separate faith from works. You cannot, it's impossible. I’d rather find a religious Christian, than a Christian that doesn't pray. So there are certain things that you don't understand that God is orchestrating poverty so that you can hate it so that you can run to the prosperity He has set for you. But if you're comfortable, it will also swallow you up. Not because God wanted it, He just wanted you to run to Him.

So ask yourself this question and ask yourself this question honestly: Are you ready for a suddenly? Are you ready to do what it takes for your enemies to see a “suddenly” but you to be always part of the plan. Are you prepared for God to just take you to another realm? Are you ready for that? Because if you're ready for that, if you're genuinely ready for that, God will shift you! You see, God's plan for your life is not just for you to succeed but it's to reveal Him. So if your life is succeeding without the ability to reveal Him, it is not God. If your life is increasing without the need to show God, then it is not God. For your life to mean something before God, it must expose Him. Jesus glorified God, Elijah revealed God. Every single Prophet, Apostle, they revealed God. Who are you revealing? So ask yourself this question seriously, profoundly: Ask yourself, “am I truly ready to stand and to reveal Christ?” If you're ready to do that, I promise you God will show you His faithfulness. I want you to remain with this tonight and I want you to carry this in your heart tonight.

Tomorrow is going to be a powerful prophetic service, please be on time! Ah, prophecy will be like water, deliverance will be like water. As we are preparing to go into the new year, there is something God is preparing within us. Don't start the new year by saying, “this is what I will do.” Start doing it before the new year. So that way you can calibrate yourself, you can build yourself, so that when the new year comes in you are already flowing. People who are starting new year's resolution on the 1st, fail all the time. People who have created habits before the new year’s, succeed. So in finishing, God is about to do a mighty thing in your life. You may not perceive it but you should know that He is doing something special. The moment you begin to flow in it, there will be a “suddenly.”

Father, I thank you for your people. I thank you that they will see your deliverance, your mighty hand. There will be a shift in their lives. I also thank you that tomorrow they will have a special encounter with you. A life changing experience with you. Father, glorify yourself through them, through their situations. Show that you are their God and we will return all the glory and honor to you. In the name of Jesus!

Somebody shout, “amen!” I'll see you tomorrow. Shalom!

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