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God bless you all in the name of Jesus, thank you for being live with me. I know it’s a weekend. It’s a Saturday night. You could be anywhere, but you’re here with me and I thank God for that. I pray that the Lord will bless you, increase you, and do something special and new for you. It’s going to be a powerful night. It’s going to be a night of lots of mysteries that’ll cause you to understand how to untie yourself from certain generational patterns.

There are certain things that as children of God we fight because somebody has taken a hold of the womb that we came from. This is why I am teaching about the womb of the earth and the womb of the spirit. You see, in 1 Corinthians chapter 2, it says, “Spiritual things are foolishness to carnal people.” And not only is it foolish to them but they do not only have the capacity to receive it. They are unable to receive spiritual things. Now, there’s a lot of battles that children of God face and the world faces. But if you know mysteries of the spirit, you understand the ways of the spirit… immediately, instantaneously… you are already on your way out. You see, it is not just about praying, but it’s also understanding. You know, the bible says… in all your getting, get understanding. So we’re not just called to be praying, but we need to understand what we’re praying for, why we’re praying the way we’re praying.

If you understand this, then you’ll understand certain things that the men and the women of God did in scripture. Why would Elisha tell somebody to go and wash themselves in the Jordan? Why do we baptize people? Why did Jesus take mud and put it on the eyes of a blind man and tell him to go wash it and his eyes were open? Why is it that we say that we are washed in the blood of the lamb? How can you wash anything in blood? But if you don’t understand mysteries, how can you get it because blood stains… it does not wash. Blood stains. Blood does not wash. But the Bible says, He will wash us with His blood. We are washed in His blood. We overcome by His blood. But all these mysteries cannot be understood if you don’t understand certain origins of certain things. And I will speak a little bit of what I learned growing up… like cultural stuff. And then we’ll go into the word of God and then your eyes will be opened.

Now, everything in creation that was supposed to sustain life or produce life has a womb. Everything. The earth has a womb. And the spiritual realm also has a womb.

Let me be honest with you, children of God. And I say this with truly the heart of gratitude to the Lord Jesus and it's a privilege to serve you all. To be honest with you, there’s a lot that could be shared! Some of it, it’s not even for our time. Why do you think God just took Enoch? Do you think He just took him just to take him? He took him because Enoch discovered and opened up some doors that it was no longer good for him to be here. He will mess up the course of things that God wants him to do even though he’s a man of God. So God had to take him. God had no reason to keep him here. Mysteries, mysteries, mysteries. Mysteries of the spirit.

There is wisdom that is ordained from the foundation of the earth for our glory. It says this in 1 Corinthians chapter 2. I believe maybe verse 7. Not the wisdom of this world, that is coming to nothing. But a wisdom that was ordained from the beginning unto our glory. So there is wisdom that is recorded and there is wisdom that is not recorded.

Listen, I love the word of God. The most solid foundation. There is no other foundation except the 66 books that you have. But the 66 books point you to hidden mysteries that are not even hidden in it. But you see, when we want to be not regular, but just ordinary… just like everyone else, then we’re not hungry for the things of God. We’re not hungry for that. You tell people, “I saw the Lord.” They say, “that’s fake, who can see the Lord?” Yet people in the scriptures saw Him! But it just shows you the state of where we are. You say, “the angel of the Lord said to me…” and they say, “you’re delusional.” Because we live in a time whereby people think they have knowledge but they have leaned on their own understanding. Not even the knowledge part. The knowledge, they don’t even have it but the understanding, they’re choosing their own understanding. Except scripture. No one can pick up the bible and tell you Prophets don’t exist. There were Prophets in the new testament. Agabus was one of them. There’s a few of them we can mention that were there. They were not recorded as much as the Apostles, because it was about the Apostles more than them. But there were men that were just as powerful or powerful like the Apostles that were there, they’re just not mentioned. Steven was not even an Apostle. He was one of the apprentices, the young men that they have. And Steven was deep! A young man full of faith and the Spirit that did crazy miracles. The only part of Steven that was recorded is that they were prayed for to distribute food. It tells you he did tremendous, extraordinary, miracles. But it never tells you what he taught. It never tells you what he knew. They just go to where he’s accused, and he’s about to be stoned and he speaks about the scriptures. And even the men wondered, “who is this guy that is unlearned but is speaking about mysteries of God!” They killed him and they tell you about Jesus receiving him. Who saw Jesus receiving him?

So there are mysteries everywhere surrounding scripture. But if you just want to be ordinary, you want to be regular… it’s fine too, you’ll go to heaven. You will receive Jesus as Lord and Savior… you’ll go to heaven! But I want to live the best life that God has ordained for me. That should be the hunger… that should be stirring you up day in and day out! Getting closer to God. Experiencing what is written. Because it was just not written for decoration. They are not tales of the past. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. So God can do the same thing that He did for Moses, right now. And He can do it tomorrow. We say those things but we don’t take it to heart like it’s actually true. So we need to be at that place of hunger, Children of God. Truthful hunger that says, “Lord…. I want everything!” Not some things, not a little bit. I want everything. What you have for me, that’s what I want! We need to get to that place. And I say this because you know the greatest harvest is coming. Because the world will get darker, many will walk away from the faith but there are many also that’ll come to the faith. But we’re getting to that point whereby people are just tired of people talking. Show me God! Don’t just show me words. Show me God! Somebody else can also take a hindu book and say, “God is in there.” What is the difference? Show me God! Somebody can go and pick up a Quran and say, “this is God.” But what will be the difference if we’re just arguing scriptures? We need to demonstrate God. Not just by the love we have for people. Not just by our devotion to God. Not just by fruits we produce but the manifestation of God that we walk with. These signs shall follow them that believe. There must be signs that accompany us if we believe in Him. Not just words. The Kingdom of God is NOT in words! This is why people who are just talking too much, showing you bible scriptures… it’s good but we know that they are infants in the Spirit. If that’s all you have, something is wrong. You need to have more!

So a womb is where something came forth from. God is always the source because He’s the maker and the creator of all things. There’s a difference between creating and making. God is the creator and the maker of all things. God is the creator and the maker of all things.

So everything that is visible or invisible… has its origin from the Lord Jesus… it proceeds from God. But the way God will choose for it to come into manifestation… God will make a womb that that thing will be produced out of. Everything has a source. Everyone’s source is God. We were all created by God, right? But your father and mother conceived you. That doesn’t mean your father and mother are your ultimate source. Your source is still FROM God. But God used your mothers womb to put you together and used the seed from your father to form you. I hope this is making sense so far. This is going to be geared more into spiritual warfare. There are certain elements that are of great potency spiritually. They are extremely usable and valuable in the spirit. Both positively and negatively. And whoever can control that thing, will have an advantage of all people that come from that thing. Let’s go quickly to Genesis chapter 1 verse 20. “And God said, let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life.”

Stop right there. God told the water to bring forth. There’s a reason why the earth is 70% water. Because water is actually the womb of the earth. When Angel Gabriel appeared to mama Mary, and Mary said, “how will I have a child and I know no man.” He said, “don’t worry Mary, the Spirit of God will overshadow you.” Meaning it will hover over you and you will produce. If you go to Genesis chapter 1, the only thing you see on the earth is water. But before water is mentioned, it’s telling you that the Holy Spirit is already hovering over the water. There is something that the Spirit of God is doing over the water. Hovering over the water. And the word hover or move over the water is the word, “rakaf” in Hebrew. It means that He was completely relaxed. Completely settled. He was at home over the waters. In constant imagination of what the water will bring out. Now everything that’s visible comes from what is invisible. Everything that is made is made out of things that are not made. Haven’t you ever asked yourself why people call earth, “Mother earth?” I’m not saying it's a biblical thing. Sometimes you hear things in the world but you don’t really think about it. It’s not called “Father earth.”

So the Spirit of God was moving over the water. First of all notice that God said, let dry ground come forth from the water. I’m sorry to say this and I’m going to say it and some people might not get it. Remember, this water was not just earthly water. This water was connected to the waters of the heavens. Because God had to make a distinction between the waters of the earth and the waters of the heavens. Meaning, at one point these two were one in the same. This is why before God’s throne… There is the crystal sea. There is a sea right in front of God. Why do you think Jesus our Lord said, “and living waters shall flow out of their bellies!” Rivers of living waters. Where are these living waters coming from?

One day we were in the house. I was teaching and I saw a vision and I saw God’s throne. And I saw water flowing from where God was. It was a lot of water. But it wasn’t in any chaotic way. It seemed a lot but it was life giving. And everywhere it went, it produced life where there was no life. And I saw where that water get to a place and it vanished but I saw the same water coming out of people. That’s when I went to look at this and I was like… where is this? Then I found that scripture that says, “rivers of living water shall flow out of their belly.” Remember, I didn’t learn this church thing from sitting down somewhere and being taught. It is by grace that God taught me the things I know. Notice, the waters from above and the waters here were one in the same.

One of the most ancient creations of God is water. That is why the bible says this: In heaven three bear witness. Father, Son, and The Spirit. And these three are one. On earth, three bear witness. Water, blood, and The Spirit. These three bear witness on earth. Why? A witness was somebody that was there when something was happening. You are not a witness if you’re not there. You can’t be called a witness if you’re not present. It’s not figuratively. It’s not a figurative speech. Three on the earth bear witness. Water, ancient. The Spirit of God, creator! That’s God Himself. The blood! What does it say? And to the lamb who was slain from the foundation of the earth. So blood already existed way before the material world was created. Because the lamb was already sacrificed. The only blood that can bear witness for us is the blood of Jesus, no other blood! How can it witness if it was not there from the beginning?

A lot of people treat redemption like a back up plan. No, that was always the plan! It wasn’t like God waited for Adam and Eve to fail and then said, “now I’m gonna come up with a plan.” If He has to do that, then He’s not God. Because God has foreknowledge. He’s the beginning and the end. The end and the beginning. He knows the end from the beginning and the beginning from the end. He knows all things. And everything is for His glory.

This is why if the devil wants to destroy you, he attacks your bloodline, not you! Because the life of man is in the blood. Blood carries the record of all your ancestors. The ones you know and the ones you will never know until maybe we make it to heaven. But blood itself is water. So if demons, witches, and wizards want to mess you up, if they get a hold of your bloodline, you’re done! It will take Jehova God Himself to rescue you. When you break generational curses, what you’re trying to do is to sanctify your blood. You’re trying to make the demons and devils lose the scent of your blood. For them to forget where you came from that they can’t find where you came from. That’s why the bible says, our life is hidden in Christ and in God. Life is in the blood. Not, “I am just hidden.”

Watch this. From Verse 20: And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven.

So every bird you see came from water. Some of the biggest creatures were born of water. But even this dry ground you’re walking on was produced by water. Mhm! That’s why when you go and look at certain places on earth, you realize that water used to be here and there. Water is the womb of the earth. Because everything that came on earth, God used water to produce it.

If you keep reading, it talks about the ground. And God called the ground to bring forth certain kinds of animals also. But even if you look scientifically, does it not tell you that every life kinda came from water? They’re not technically wrong. They just deny who caused it to be so. We don’t believe in evolution, we believe in creation. Because they don’t even have evidence of what they’re talking about. But is there truth to that? 100%. There are traces of everything that comes from the same place. He commanded the ground… Verse 21: And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind…

Now, imagine… birds are not made of the dust. There are certain creatures not made of the ground, their substance is from the water.

Verse 22 - 24: And God blessed them, saying, Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let fowl multiply in the earth. And the evening and the morning were the fifth day. And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so.

So who are superior? The animals that came from the water or the animals that came from the land? The water! Because they came directly from even what produced the ground.

Verse 26: And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea…

Notice, the first dominion of man was the water, not the land. There's a reason why God wanted you to control water. Go did not begin by your dominion to start on the ground. Water is the least explored territory on Earth. In fact, men know more about the moon than what is in the water right here on Earth. This is a fact. Do you realize that there are mountains taller than Mt. Everest in the sea? There are places light doesn't even get to in the sea. It is sooo deep! We know less than 10%.

Children of God, please listen to me. There are mysteries. There are lots and lots of mysteries. Too many mysteries. It takes a certain level of comprehension and understanding that only the Holy Spirit can truly give. For certain things for your eyes to open and see them. Because these are not unique verses I'm reading to you. I'm just showing you something that was always there that you may have not seen. So the first place that man had to show his dominion was not on the land, it was on the water. This is why the Lord Jesus was shocked when his disciples were shocked that he was walking on water. Jesus was shocked that Peter was surprised that the Lord Jesus could command fish to come and jump into the net until the net was breaking. Jesus did not come from the womb of the water. He's the cause and the creator of the womb of the Earth. Everything proceeds from Him. So he cannot give us what he does not have. Peter was shocked! He said, “Lord, what do you want with me?” He said, “Peter, relax, you will see greater things. I'll make you a fisher of men.”

So Jesus showed that.. Genesis 1:26. He was the author of it because he had dominion over the fish. They were trying to catch fish, yet they should be controlling fish! Peter said, “I've been fishing all night.” He said, “no, you are attempting to capture them, yet they should be obeying you!” He said, “Peter come, I will show you. Let's go!” They get into the water. He said, “Drop your net deep.” Peter is like, “Lord, you know I do this fishing thing…” 2 seconds, Jesus speaks to the fish, “jumping in!” The fish just… 1 2 3! They piled up on the nets that they put so much fish on their boat that their boats began to sink. They called for another boat that also began to sink because of the amount of fish until the net broke.

Peter looked at Jesus, he fell on his knees. He said, “ah ah… what do you want with me Lord? I am a sinner.” Immediately he realized that he had sinned. Majority of the problems of men on Earth come from the sea. Some of the most vicious, evil, unclean, terrible Spirits reside in the water because they want to control the womb of the Earth. That is their desire.

They’re attempting to control it. That they’ve put a jurisdiction that even men are struggling to explore water. There are things that are happening in the sea that men don't even understand. Bermuda Triangle: you fly over, you disappear! Weird and strange things in the sea. Creatures they have never seen! And there are places that no one can go. There are no vessels to take men there…

But yet God told Adam: “Let them let them have dominion over this and that. Let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over fowls of the air and also over the ground.”

So you see the least of everything is the ground. The ground is not the alpha, it’s actually the least. Because there are creatures that used to be in the sea that were birthed from the sea but their place of dominion is the sky. Why? Why are they in the air? Because remember, physically you think birds are flying in the air. But spiritually they're still swimming in the waters above... It’s the same thing! They’ve just been divided.

I’m going to tell you something that’s going to shock you a little bit, are you ready?

Do you know how there’s water on other planets next to us? When the waters from above were separated from these waters… some of you didn’t get it.

…You still don’t get it? When the firmament was separated, is when that happened. That’s when all these things happened. Somebody said, “planets came from earth.” That’s not what I said.

This is why the ground is like a woman. Anything you put in, it produces back. Because it’s a womb. It’s supposed to conceive. God tries to do the same thing when He gives us His word.

Let me give you an example. God says, “Let us make man in our image and likeness.” And it says, “And God created man in His image and His likeness.”

Genesis 2:6 - 7 But there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground. And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground…

Notice, man was only formed from the dust of the ground. He did not come from the ground. He was formed from it. Because what makes man is not just the dust. That’s why our bodies were formed from it but man is more than body.

All the other creatures could have their origins completely from either the water or the ground. But man could not. Man had to have a vessel that would allow him to be on the ground. So God formed man from the dust of the ground. This body was formed from that. But every baby when they’re born they’re very good swimmers naturally. Why? Because for nine months they are just in water. So for nine months, you could’ve just lived with a fish and you’d be fine. Because you were also in water. For nine months, just in water. Swimming, floating… When mothers break water then it’s time for the child to come out. In fact, when a child is born, the reason why they cry is because of the feeling of first breath in the lungs. When the lungs open up.

This is why great creatures of the earth all need water. Because they have their origin from it. So in order for them to be alive, whether it is a creature that is on land, still needs water. And a creature in the sea also needs water and air because they're all connected. Is this making sense so far? I'm going to go a little farther.

1st Corinthians 15:40 There are also heavenly bodies and there are earthly bodies; but the splendor of the heavenly bodies is one kind, and the splendor of the earthly bodies is another.

Did you hear that? There are also, what? Heavenly bodies and earthly bodies. What is he talking about? There are things that are formed from here and things that are formed from another place. You are seated with Christ Jesus, where? In Heavenly places. Because there are some bodies that were created from Heavenly places and you cannot control them unless you control the womb of where they came from. No one controls Heaven, that's God’s domain!

But there is a reason why Jesus is seated in Heavenly places. Also being in heaven, he is omnipresent but it says, “far above all principalities, powers, dominions…” Why is he sitting above them? It means, where he’s sitting is where they were formed from. Why is he going to the top above them? Why is he sitting above them? It is not just a physical posture.

Why do you think the Bible says the sun shall not harm you by day nor the moon by night? Why would the sun and moon harm me? Haven’t you ever read that? The sun will not harm you by day nor the moon by night. Why? Why would it harm me? Who's using it as a weapon against me? Why was there the prince of the power of the air controlling another place? Why did the demons that came out of that man run and enter the pigs to jump into the water?

So there are certain spiritual warfares that you're losing because you don't understand what you're combating. The problem with us believers is we like to fight symptoms, we don't fight the disease. We do things of that nature whereby we play being defensive. You see, the Bible tells us consistently and continually that we are in the earth but not of it. We are in it, but not of it. There's a reason why the scripture says that.

Now, Jesus was met by a rich young ruler and he asked him, “Lord, what must I do to be saved?” What did the Lord Jesus tell him? Find the verse.

John 3:5 - Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit…

Why is baptism such an essential practice of being a believer? Jesus said, “Go into all the world, preach the gospel, baptizing them!” Why? Why is it a symbol of a new beginning in God? Why is it that water is the purifier? Wash and cleanse. The Hebrew people used to do that every time before they went to pray. They cleansed themselves. They washed themselves. The pool of Balthazar. There was a pool at the temple where an angel came from heaven and stirred it up, so whoever goes into the water and comes out is made whole. Why? But you see the problem is the devil has hijacked so much of what is of God that many of you, if you just hear “water,” the first thing you think of is marine spirits. You think of demonic things. Because you don't understand the devil just tricked you and stole what is actually yours that you should be controlling. The Earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof. But you have given water to Satan. If we had a pool here in church that is just available for sick people once a week, people can just come and enter the water and come out, be healed... They will say “ah… they have marine powers… that's why they put it there.” It’s because people are foolish! They don't understand spiritual things. Yet, in Jesus's time, even Jesus would go by the pool and see and watch what is happening. And guess what? That thing remained until after the Lord ascended. The only thing that made all those things stop is when the temple was destroyed. But there was a pool there. Jesus would go there and even watch. An angel from heaven will come and stir the water and whoever goes in comes out brand new. Whether you are sick, no matter what it was if you entered the water you came out! But you, right now, if you even take water to say, “Father, as I drink this water let me be healed.” They will say, “marine covenant!” Foolish people. Lack of maturity. And all these things are not even their fault. And this is like everywhere! You have been taught that every dream that you in the water it means you are married to a marine spirit. Who told you that? EVERY DREAM? Every dream.

Anyone that actually knows anything about interpreting spiritual things you know that one thing doesn’t always mean the same thing. Seeing a snake doesn't always mean demons. Unless there’s something demonic going on. A snake symbolizes healing. But if you don’t know, you’ll go to a man of God that is not wise and they’ll start binding and you’ll also start believing you have a demon in you! Jesus himself, certain miracles he told people “go and wash yourself.” Why? Puts mud and says, “go and wash yourself.” Why did he put mud and told him to go and wash himself? Why the washing? Why? What for? But if we just say, “let us pray against every evil spirit, marine spirit!” You’ll see people *speaking in tongues.* Because you have believed water to be evil. Do you get what I'm saying? You have been taught to like bad things and not to see the intention of God behind things. Jesus was in the sea all the time because that's how these guy's used to move around. The only time Jesus rebuked the wind and the waters was one time! He never said, “now start making fiery prayers against the marine kingdom!” Am I saying there’s no marine kingdom? They're definitely there. And they need to be pulled down in the name of the Lord Jesus. A hundred percent! But that's not the only reason why it's there. It’s not there just for them. It’s like the church has been conditioned and been taught by evil ones. Why was the practice of cleansing so important? Because there are hidden crazy secrets.

God uses the foolish things of this world! Things. A thing is not a person. So there are things that God will use that will make wise people think twice. When the family that the woman could not have children and the angel of the Lord said just take a fruit and give them a fruit to eat, I took the apple and gave them… they became pregnant with twins. So what covenant is that? Do you get what I’m saying? In short, man is supposed to control the seas, the air, and the land. These are the three places where evil and wicked spirits are hiding yet they should be a place that you control. These should be domains of your control by the power of the Holy Spirit but so many believers are sleeping.

Yes, Mr. Gael? You’re saying something?

Mr. Gael: “So many questions… but is that why Elisha… he went right into the water and said, ‘where is the God of Elijah?’”

Yes, because the water can hear you. Everything that is created has ears to hear. So the evil ones are using places of our domain to afflict us. Tornado out of the Sea comes into a city and wipes out everything! Yet there are christians in that city. They just pray, “oh Lord, don’t send hurricanes.” Instead of, “Father in the name of Jesus, we arrest every demon operating in this waters! As long as our generation is here….” We are at the mercy of these things yet there are things that should be under our mercy!

Let me ask you a question. Let's use reason for a second… not even spirituality, right? What is the quickest way for medicine to go into your body? In your veins, right? In your blood? When you are dehydrated, what do they do? They give you an IV. It goes through the same veins, not a different vein… the same one! And the water and the blood figure themself out in there. Right? So if you want to pray for healing, sometimes just take a cup of water and say, “Father, in the name of Jesus! This covers 70% of what’s in…” haha. You’re just not creative enough to pray.

You see the thing is, everything is witchcraft to you nowadays! Everything is witchcraft to you! Yet you can just go to your own faucet and say, “Father, I'm tired of this sickness. As I drink this water and this water merges into the blood in my streams, let cancer GO in the name of Jesus! Let it be a conduit of your anointing and your power!”

Listen, these are simple things. Simple things.

Somebody will say, “where is that in the Bible?” Okay. So everything you do is in the Bible? You know what I’m saying? These are signs and tokens. Why did God say, “wherever the soles of your feet shall touch, you’ll possess that ground.” Why? Why is there a connection to your feet touching a ground? Touching a place and you can take a hold of it? Because these places are under your control.

I remember years ago there was a woman who had a really huge tumor. You could see it in the stomach. This is probably 2013. This woman was not well. I prayed for her family and the whole family was delivered. And the Lord told me to go to the kitchen, put water in a cup, pray for it and give her to drink. The woman took the water, drank it, and all of a sudden she had to go to the restroom. All that stuff… I don’t know how it ended up in the stomach but it came out and the tumor left. I am not telling you every time you need healing, go and find water. I’m just trying to explain to you that there are certain things you are sleeping on and you don’t understand. If God is valuing water, and you only value anointing oil… Value everything that God values.

Value everything that God values. These are signs and tokens. Things that you use to boost and to energize your faith. They are called acts of faith.

We’re going to finish with this and I pray that God will lift you and bless you as we finish with this one. There’s a reason why Jesus washed his disciples' feet. Water is a mystery. Not just water, there’s a lot of things that are a mystery. And God in His faithfulness… I believe especially in these days that we’re living in… the Lord in His Sovereign Grace will continue to make us fully come into the fullness of what He has ordained for us before the coming of the Lord. I want to encourage you in this. Let your walk be about the Lord Jesus. Let your walk be to produce what the Lord Jesus has ordained for you. Don’t worry about people. There are people who have no time to build people up, to lift people up… they are caught up worried about other people. Don’t be that person. We have so many people to pray for. We have so many people to preach the gospel to and to bring them to the Lord. So focus yourself on seeking the Lord, loving the Lord, reading the word of God and above all growing and maturing spiritually.

My people perish because of lack of knowledge. The scriptures goes as far as to say this: The children of darkness are wiser than the children of the light. As children of God, we should not be considered as foolish. We ought to know what God intended for things. We need to be in the know with what God wants. Stop living your life for people. Stop looking for approval from people. Let all your approval come from the Lord Jesus. Let the Holy Spirit validate you. You know where God is in a place, people flourish. People increase. People grow. People are transformed. And above all, people fall even deeper in love with Jesus. That’s what it’s about. Don’t be caught up in empty arguments. Always remember, empty cans make the loudest noise. When you are about your Father’s business, you have no time for noise. You only have time to execute. Focus yourself on what God has for you. Not what your mother has for you, not what your father has for you, not what society has for you. Sometimes we can be so zealous, right? And our zeal can end up in foolishness. Whereby, we are so zealous for what we have learned from God that we want to give it to everybody that it may not be for them to know that specific thing at that time. So instead of us doing good, we end up pushing more people away from God. Because the walk of God is day by day, step by step. You don’t wake up and have it all together. Even some people who shout, “you need to do this, you need to do that...” their life is broken. Some of us who can really see… if we were to put them in front and start opening up what is really happening in the background… eiishh, but what’s the point of that? It doesn’t do anything.

So choose to be the salt and light of the earth. Salt preserves. Preserve those people around you by prayer and your sacrifices before God by diligently praying for them and interceding for them.

Don't worry about the people. When Jesus comes, when we are caught up into heaven, whether we die and leave this world… you're going to answer for you! Not even your twin. Not even if you died together with a hundred people or a million people… you answer for yourself! So be filled with too much love in your heart for people but don't be caught up with people. So let these words burn in your heart. Let your passion for Christ burn! And don't try to validate yourself with people. Some people need validation to sleep better at night. If you're okay with God, good for you! Don't worry about other people. Teach them the love of Christ. If they receive it they receive it. If they don't, keep it pushing. That's what Jesus said. Go into a house if they receive you, leave your blessing there. If they reject you, take your blessing with you. Dust your feet and move on. There are people in the kingdom of God, now they have become bullies. Bullies big time. They're no different from trolls. They’re so carnal that they don't even understand. They think they're serving God, but they're not.

Slow down the comments, I want to see something... go back up! *Reads* “All these lustful women in the comments… the patient's condition says a lot about the Doctor.” How do you know they’re lustful? Maybe you're the one who's lustful. Why would you look at people's comments and say they’re lustful? Something is wrong with you.

You know the Deep calleth unto the Deep. If somebody ever comes to your house and says, “wow, who's leaving all these things here, somebody may steal it.” You know they are around thieves or their first thought is to think to acquire what you have. There's a reason they left it there because there are no thieves in the house. So if somebody comes and comments, saying, “all these lustful women…” You have lust! Why did you look at women and you thought the first is that they are lusting? Haha… God bless you, goodnight. See you tomorrow!

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