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God bless everybody. I believe that God’s hand is upon each and every one of you. And I know that there is something spectacular, something new, that King Jesus will make to come to pass in each and every one of us’s lives. So I am excited for the new beginnings that God is bringing to us. And I knew that there is a new dimension that God has ordained and preserved for us.

Now, I’m going to speak about something that I believe is going to be very helpful. I want you to understand something that is very profound:

The church is facing a lot of spiritual battles because many don’t know their place. When the body does not function the way it should function, the result is always diseases that are internal. An infection is easy to cure than an auto-immune disease.

An autoimmune disease is when the body is killing itself or its misunderstanding a member of the body for an intrusive virus or a foreign body. And you find that if somebody is struggling with anything immune, it becomes such a tough battle because, how are you going to fix the body to tell the body not to do what it’s doing against itself? Because it cannot figure out that it’s doing it.

So the same issue is with the body of Christ. A lot of Christians are fighting Bishop so, Pastor so, Apostle so, Evangelist so, Prophet so… Simply because people don’t understand their place. We can never advance the Kingdom of God without fully comprehending our place. If you don’t know your place, you’re no longer a benefit to the body. You have become somebody that is derailing the body, destroying the body, scattering the body, confusing the body, and ultimately you become poison that kills the body.

And I’ve seen it even with young men and women who want to grow in God. Those who come and meet me… they will ask me questions, ask me “Prophet, I’ve been praying… I want to know how I can serve God… the Lord has spoken to me…”

Everybody is eager to serve instead of being eager to understand their place. How can you be effective in service if you don’t even know what member of the body you are? How will you be a benefit to the body if you don’t know your place?

The issue is… even an example with me: Usually it is men of God that criticize me the most. Not because I have said something that’s unbiblical. Not because I have done miracles that are not in scripture. I have done things that have not been written. Jesus said you will do greater things. We’re not supposed to do exactly what was there, we’re supposed to do more. That is what we should strive for. But the issue is, they’re able to sit down and criticize me because they are not in their assignment. Anyone that is in their assignment does not have time to look at other people. Because they’re busy making sure the body is running well. Because they know in order to get rid of something that is wrong in the body, I need to play my part. And eventually that thing that doesn’t fit in will be pushed out. The body does it naturally!

If you ever see somebody creating a youtube page exposing people, that is an empty person not called by God. There is no ministry of exposing, in the Kingdom of Heaven. It doesn’t exist. It will never exist. We find people fighting people, because they can’t manifest something simply because people are in the wrong assignment. They do not know where they belong in what God has called them to do. This is an issue. It is such a big problem! This is something that needs to be changed. This is something that needs to be destroyed. But the only way we can do this is by understanding our place.

God doesn’t use you because you want to be used. The Lord Jesus does not use you and anoint you because you want to serve – no! God will use you because you were BORN for that service. The most important journey is to understand: Where do I belong in the service of God? Not: “I just want to serve.” The reason why there’s conflict in the church is because: “I wouldn’t do that like that.” It’s not your place. But you’re busy looking at others, because you’re not busy doing your assignment.

Do you realize, the Lord Jesus never took time to address the Pharisees unless when they came to Him. He never preached about them. When they came to Him to try and trap Him, that is when Jesus rebuked them. But Jesus never sat down and said, “these guys… they’re evil, they’re hypocrites… they’re this!” He said that to THEM. He didn’t preach that to people.

Because Jesus’ mandate was to bring sight to the blind. Was to restore the broken hearted. To open prison doors that have been closed. THAT was the mission of our Lord. If He’s going to preach about the priest, then He’s wasting time that should be saving souls.

I want to speak about two things within this message that will open your eyes very quickly.

  1. How do I know my place?

  2. How important is my place?

Before you know your place, you need to understand the IMPORTANCE of your place.

When the Lord Jesus called me, and when the Lord Jesus started speaking to me since I was a boy… I didn’t know what a Prophet was. I didn’t even desire it. Even now, if it was up to me, I’d be called “Brother Lovy.” True. I was so happy when I got my doctorate, because now I can just be, “Dr.” Nothing to do with anything religious. But when I minister, you’ll know I’m a Prophet. I didn’t just want to walk around…. “Prophet, Prophet, Prophet.” Because I understood that the members of the body that have taken on that name are not even that body part. Very few are actually members of that body. Majority of them are imposters pretending to be a member of that body. Some of you call yourself an “Evangelist,” you should’ve been a Pastor. Some of you who are Pastors, should just be church members. Some of you who’s a church member, you’re supposed to be an Elder. Some of you who are saying you’re a Prophet, you should’ve been just somebody who sweeps the church.

Haven’t you asked yourself this very simple question, but profound: Why is it that all preachers are sounding the same? Everyone is using the same methods to preach. If you look at Jesus the way He preached and you look at how John the Baptist preached… they were in the same generation, two different messages. If you look at the Pharisees, they were preaching priestly messages. Different from Jesus, different from John. Why is it that the majority of the preachers are preaching the same thing? We have been so moved from the Spiritual aspect of walking with God, that it’s just cool to be a cool young preacher. Look cool, you will attract people. No.

You are effective if you’re playing the part of the body that you should play. It doesn’t matter if you wear sack clothes. It doesn’t matter if you wear good clothes. It doesn’t matter if you wear Gucci or whatever it is… it won’t matter because what people are after is the Spiritual content that you’re feeding people. Have you ever noticed an effect: anyone that has listened to me, if they are sent to me, they can’t stop listening? You have me playing 24-7. If it was just me, I would’ve been tired, maybe dead. 24-7. You’re listening, you’re listening. Everyday there’s something! Do you know why? I have been playing my part. It’s not just a good word, it’s not just a clever word.

1 Corinthians 2 - And I, brethren, when I came to you, did not come with excellence of speech or of wisdom declaring to you the testimony of God.

The moment you use your own wisdom… cleverness of words… you’re not qualified to talk about Jesus. Some people think to speak, “..And this word in Greek, in English… it means this! In Spanish…” Translating scripture is not revelation. “In Hebrew, this word means pheotemos! And in Greek, it means… *gibberish*” – That’s not revelation! The verse you read, actually is already explaining it. That is not revelation. I have seen some men of God make graaave errors, trying to be revelatory when the spirit of the prophetic is not in them. Because revelation is always tied to the prophetic because the prophetic is a revelatory spirit. This is not in everyone.

Just because you saw somebody deep, it doesn’t mean, “now my preaching will be like Joel Osteen!” No, you’ll fail. There’s only one Joel Osteen. “Love your neighbor…” You look at him and you’ll feel like “I’m seeing Jesus.” He doesn’t need to come and say, “COOMMME OUUUUTTT!” That’s not him! He’s not even designed like that. You know his father was a prophet? Joel Osteens Dad was deep. Crazy miracles!

I’ve met his mother. When I went there with Prophet Angel a long time ago, she was still teaching miracle classes. Old lady. But you don’t see Joel Osteen doing that. When it was their moment to pass the mantle, he did what he was supposed to do. He even says it: “When I tried to do what my Father was doing, I failed. God told me, ‘what are you doing, are you your father?”

“You know I’m just going to teach hope and love.” Is that your message? Maybe your message is repentance. Maybe your message is forgiveness. But you don’t know because you’re busy trying to emulate something, not being what you’re called to do. Many want to just have a packed church full of people. “In my church, we have over 250 thousand members. We are the biggest church.” You just want a crowd, you’re not thinking about Spiritual accountability. How many people am I saving? You see, some people even go into witchcraft, occultism, and all this because they just want fame. They don’t care about saving people. They don’t care about people receiving eternal life. They don’t care about people having an encounter with God. They just want to be huge and famous! Listen to me, Children of God. These are errors. We are not all called to prophesy! No, it is not for everybody. Healing is not for everybody. It’s not just about having so many people in a church. “Oh, our church is so fun!” Now when you go to churches, it’s more about entertaining the external person than ministering to the internal person. Light Shows, crazy concerts… After that the Pastor just comes and tells you, “you know, God wants you to know that you are loved.” I’ve been hearing the love message for centuries! Nothing is adding to my life. Then you go there and pray… demons are coming out of people! It means that that man of God did not do His duty. Because if they were truly preaching love… the Bible says, “perfect love casts out fear.” And anybody that has fear, has not been perfected in love. They’re lacking in love. So preaching love but you’ve offended people in church, it means you’ve never preached love. Because they’re not delivered from offense.

Let me give you an example, I’ll talk about myself: There are only two people that I’ve seen do the miraculous, supernatural, more than me. Two people. A man called A. A. Allen. He’s a man from the past. And God gave me the grace to receive what was in Him. And another man that I prayed that God would give me the opportunity to meet, it was T. B. Joshua. These two guys.

I get shocked every time God uses me to heal people. But you don’t see me calling myself a Healing Evangelist. Even if I called myself a Healing Evangelist, I will never do big crusades like Benny Hinn. It’s the truth. Will a lot of people come and see me? Yes. Do a lot of people come and see me? Yes. Will I ever be Pastor Benny? Never. I can’t. That was his calling. So it doesn’t matter how much of my healing videos come up, I will never do what Pastor Benny was doing. I can’t. Has God permitted me to heal people? Yeeesss, a lot of people. I can prophesy more than a lot of people. Many times I actually hold back because it will look fake. But what I love to do is to teach. These things just validate my calling as a Prophet. But a Prophet is an oracle of God. Meaning, a mediator between the Spiritual and the physical. He’s supposed to make spiritual mysteries become so normal to you. That you feel what you thought was over there becomes close.

The teacher in the scripture is supposed to build you on the doctrine of the church. Not on supernatural things. Doctrine of the church. A Prophet’s calling is to be a custodian of the mysteries of God. They have lived in those mysteries that it’s so simple to tell them. They don’t need to use big words, they don’t need to make it cool in order for you to feel some hibigeebies. It has nothing to do with the message!

I want you to comprehend this by the spirit of God because this is just an introduction.

1 Corinthians 12:13 - 13 “For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, "

That is the issue. Because we all have the Holy Spirit, we think He’s doing the same thing in us. No, He’s not. We have been baptized into one Spirit. Into one body. But we’re not doing the same thing.

"…whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been all made to drink into one Spirit. 14 For the body is not one member, but many. 15 If the foot shall say, Because I am not the hand, I am not of the body; is it therefore not of the body? 16 And if the ear shall say, Because I am not the eye, I am not of the body; is it therefore not of the body? 17 If the whole body were an eye, where were the hearing? If the whole were hearing, where were the smelling? 18 But now hath God set the members every one of them in the body, as it hath pleased him.”

For you to please God, be where He is pleased to put you.

I want you to think about what we have spoken, first. And I want you to pray tonight. Your greatest prayer should be this simple prayer: Lord, I hunger to know my place. Not, “God, I think I know my place.” If it’s not working out, it’s not your place. There are people saying, “I’m still waiting for my time.” It’s not your time because you’re not in your place.

When I come back tomorrow, I will give you a detailed breakdown to know your place. But first, I want you not to desire too much to serve. Desire to know your place. Your service is only effective if you know your place. The issue with a prophetic church, everybody is seeing visions. Some people even try to prophesy to me… I just watch them. You think somebody who knows things about people… somebody that God got them this far… you will tell them something that God will not tell them first. Wow, thank you!

I’m not saying God can’t give you a message. I’m not saying that. Usually those things will happen, if the man has walked away from God. But there is a lying spirit that usually would just walk in the church, and make you think you’re seeing prophetically, yet it’s a lying spirit. Remember it happened in the book of Kings? That some people thought that God was talking to them, yet it was a lying spirit. Just deceived them!

Today, I’m finishing here. I know that it’s a little abrupt, but I want you to think about this because it’s a big deal. Your desire is… ask God, “am I a fisher of men?” It means, Peter’s message was not the message of Paul. Paul’s message was not John’s message. They were all Apostles… they were not preaching the same thing. Just because you’re a Prophet does not mean you’re me, and I’m definitely not trying to be you! I just know me. These are silly mistakes we’re making that are preventing us from saving souls.

So I pray that there will be a complete change in you, in order for you to do everything that God has ordained for you. So may the Lord Jesus bless you and keep you. Tomorrow when I come back, we’ll be here longer but today I just felt that the introduction is enough. To just make you think and to pray. If this did not make you hunger and pray, and you think you’re already ready, then this message wasn’t for you. You’re still not listening.

That is why sometimes when I’m teaching and people are trying to say, “pray for this, pray for that… Can you tell me this, can you explain…?” You’re in the wrong place. Pray, “Father, give me an opportunity that this will be told to me because I want to know if it is you.” God will find you! But you think grabbing the physical man who is in his assignment… you think he will abandon the assignment to just talk to you because you keep insisting? It doesn’t work like that. How many people insisted to talk to Jesus and He ignored them? But whoever Jesus spoke to was destined to be so. Let us go back to chasing after Jesus. Listen to me: I’m not Jesus. I’m not omnipresent, I’m not omnipotent. I’m dust. I’m no better than you. Just the grace of God. Let us go back to walking with Christ.

The moment you establish yourself with the Lord Jesus… hearing God regarding your assignment and what you’re supposed to do becomes so easy. You’re struggling because you don’t know your place. And if you don’t know your place and you’re thinking you’re in a different place, you will take somebody else’s message, make it your own and struggle in life. And wonder, “why am I preaching the gospel and things are not prospering?” You’re not preaching what you’re supposed to preach. You don’t know the message of the boss! Imagine you’re employed in a company, they give you an assignment and you’re doing something else. You’re called in accounts, but you’re in product development. You just cause problems there! So may the Lord Jesus bless you. I pray that tomorrow you will be ready for another dimension. In Jesus name, amen. God bless you!

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